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Charger it | Brain Out 

Hint:- Connect your device to a charger to pass this level. You have to actually charge your phone.

brain out level 163 answer

This level is really going to be shocking for you and also you will laugh at the same time. Even I got shocked after knowing the solution of this level.

On the screen, you will see a mobile phone, a charger with a USB and an electric socket. Now, they are asking to charger it. Everyone thinks that they have to connect the charger and USB and after that, they will plug it into the socket. And they will charge the phone. Almost everyone thinks this after seeing all these things. But it is not the right solution.

Here the real twist comes. You would not believe it but it’s true. You actually need to connect your mobile phone with a charger. Yes, go and connect your phone to the charger if you want to clear this level.

I know sounds really weird but it’s true. When you connect your phone with the charger literally then this level will automatically pass out.

Brain Out level 163 detailed solutions

Brain Out Gameplay


  1. Absolutely unimagined gameplay
  2. Easy and simple but humorous game process
  3. Funny sound and witty game effects
  4. Unexpected game answers

The sound effects of the brain out game apk are really funny and it will make your mind refresh so that you can think and solve the puzzle easily.

The game without a good sound effect is so boring and no one wants to play that type of game. That is why the game developer has taken of these sound effects in this game.

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