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Hint:- To catch (capture) birds pull out the phone from the boy’s pocket and put it into the boy’s hand to capture all birds.

Brain Out Level 162 answer Explained

brain out level 162answer

At this level, you have asked to catch the birds. You will see there is a boy standing below the tree and there are few birds on the tree. They have given some tools below like hammer and piece of wood.

These things are just to distract people. Everyone tries to use these things to catch the birds. But this is the wrong way. Here, they want to see that you respect the animals or not.

You do not have to catch the birds in that way.

Simply, you have to pick the mobile phone from the boy’s pocket and put it into his hand to capture the picture of all the birds.

Yes, here you have to catch the picture of the birds to solve the level.

Brain Out level 162 detailed solutions

Brain Out Gameplay

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