Brain Out Level 1 to 20 Answer Key | Hint | Brain Out Solutions

Welcome, Today, I came with the new puzzle game named as Brain Out Game– Can you pass it? I will share its answers, Solutions, hints, mod apk unlimited keys, etc.

This Apk is one of the best addictive puzzle game. It is the same as the Stump Me game.

In this game, you will be asked creative questions in the form of pictures and you need to solve that question. The puzzle will be easy but tricky to use your mind and play wisely.

Don’t get into the game trap, in this game, the answer will look so easy but there is nothing like that so think unexpected answers.

Brain Out Level Solutions

Level 1 to 20

Level 1 | Find the biggest one

Solution:- Watermelon is the bigger one.

Level 2 | How many Ducks?

Solution:- The level 2 answer is 9.

Level 3 | Who is the tallest one?

Answer:- Sun will be the right answer.

Level 4 | Can you find out the different one?

Answer: Move all watermelon.

Level 5 | Create a rectangle!

Answer: Create rectangle by arranging the given items.

Level 6 | How many triangles are in a Pentagram?

Solution: 11

Level 7 | Find out the largest fire!

Solution: Mix all the fire at one place

Level 9 | What mark would you give for this game?

Answer:- Full Marks

Level 10 | Wake Up the Owl !

Answer: Drag the sun below.

Level 11 | Please Write Down the Correct Answer

Answer: 9

Level 12

Answer: 1 banana, 2 Strawberry, 3 Hexagon, 4. circle, 5 rectangle

Level 13 | You have to win the game!

Hint:- Make two ‘O’ by using two of your fingers at the same time.

Level 14 | Find the chick

Hint:- Try shaking every chicken a baby chick will come out.

Level 15 | Find the darkest color on the screen

Hint:- You have to click on the question text because the darkest color on the screen is black.

Level 16 | Count the number of hairs

Remove the fake hairs (wig) from the head of the baby and then count the hair.
There is a total of 3 hair.

Level 17 | Help baby duckling drink water

Drag the duck and put it on the water surface

Level 19 | Find something you can eat

Move the claw type thing on the couch.
It will become meat.

Level 20

First tap on the start button.
Then hold both monkey and horse by using 2 fingers.
Then tap on the go button with your 3rd finger rapidly.

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