Find the Reindeer! Brain Out Finding Santa Level 6 Answer/Solution

Hint:- Move the grass to the red light on the left side of the Christmas tree


brain out santa finding level 6

At this level, you have to find the deer.

There is a grass near the Christmas tree and you have to drag that grass on the red light, you can see on the Christmas Tree.

When you put the grass on the red light, you will see a deer come out behind the tree.

That red light is nothing but it is the nose of the deer.

Brain Out Finding Santa Level 6 Answer

It is totally different from the other puzzle games.

You will get unimagined puzzled that will be tricky and creative.

This game needs the real involvement of your brain and best for the testing of your brain IQ. Help you to build a strong IQ level.

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Easy and Simple

The game is not tough but it is tricky gameplay.

You need to apply and think in simple puzzles too.

But the game provides a very creative puzzle that is so humorous and attractive. It will keep your interest in the game and never let you bore.

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