Where is Santa Claus? Brain Out Finding Santa Level 4 Answer

Hint:- Drag the photo on the table and you will see a letter, now click on it and after reading the message of Santa click on ok to pass the level.

Brain Out Finding Santa Level 4 Answer

brain out santa finding level 4

Explanation:- At this level, you will be asked to find Santa Claus.

You will see a table on which a photo frame is kept.

Drag that photo frame from there and take it to the right side as shown in the picture and then you will see a message.

Read it and click on ok.

Watch the video, if you are facing any problem.

Where is Santa Claus Brain Out Game

It is one of the best addictive play store puzzle game. In this game, you will be asked creative questions in the form of pictures and you need to solve that question.


There are so many levels in the game so you can do the practice of those questions and make your brain strong and sharp.

It is very good for students who want to improve their IQ levels and improve their thinking limits.

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This is all about Brain Out level 4 Santa Finding.

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