Open your gift Brain Out Finding Santa Level 10 Answer/Solution

brain out santa finding level 10

Hint:- Try opening the ribbon of the 4th (yellow) box

Brain Out Finding Santa Level 10 Explanation

This is the last level of Brain Out Finding Santa. Here, you have to open your gift.

There are few gift boxes, you will see and you have to find your gift. So, the gift is in the yellow box.

So, open it and you are done. Enjoy.

Santa Finding Game

Brain Out Apk is one of the best addictive puzzle game.

In this game, you will be asked creative questions in the form of pictures and you need to solve that question.

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Santa Finding All Levels

  1. How to arrive The North Pole immediately (Level 1)
  2. Which road leads to Santa’s home (Level 2)
  3. Enter the house to find Santa Claus! (Level 3)
  4. Where is Santa Claus? (Level 4)
  5. Find the Santa’s Bell (Level 5)
  6. Find the Reindeer! (Level 6)
  7. Pick up the Christmas hat! (Level 7)
  8. Cross the snow mountain (Level 8)
  9. Santa Claus is in danger! Help him (Level 9)
  10. Open your gift (Level 10)

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