How to arrive The North Pole immediately Brain Out Finding Santa Level 1

How to arrive The North Pole immediately Brain Out 

Hint:- Just put the baby on the top of the globe to reach the north pole immediately. The given location is not the north pole.

brain out santa finding level1

Brain Out Finding Santa Level 1 Answer

They have given the globe and a girl. You have to make sure the girl to arrive north pole immediately.

They have given several options like Rocket, Train, Ship, Aeroplane.

But none of the given options is right. They are just to distract you.

You have to drag the girl to the top of the globe to pass out this level.

Brain out finding santa level 1 solution or walkthrough

Where is Santa Claus Brain Out Game


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Santa Finding All Levels

1. How to arrive The North Pole immediately (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 1)

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3. Enter the house to find Santa Claus! (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 3)

4. Where is Santa Claus? (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 4)

5. Find the Santa’s Bell (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 5)

6. Find the Reindeer! (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 6)

7. Pick up the Christmas hat! (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 7)

8. Cross the snow mountain (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 8)

9. Santa Claus is in danger! Help him (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 9)

10. Open your gift (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 10)

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