Brain Out Finding Santa All Levels 1 to 10 | Where is Santa Claus Brain Out

Brain Out Finding Santa All Levels 1 to 10 | Where is Santa Claus Brain Out

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Level 1 Hint:- Just put the baby on the top of the globe to reach the north pole immediately. The given location is not the north pole.

Level 2 Hint:- You can see a straight-line path, just rub the right side of it and you will find the full road which is covered in snow, then click on it to pass the level

Level 3 Hint:- Swipe right side of the house, you will see a Christmas tree. Shake it 3 to 4 times and a key will fall down from the tree. Use that key to open the house.

Level 4 Hint:-Drag the photo on the table and you will see a letter, now click on it and after reading the message of Santa click on ok to pass the level.

Level 5 Hint:- On the wall, there is a Santa Claus painting. Hold tap on the hand of the Santa and drag it down. A scissor will come out from the hand Now, drag the scissor to the first gift (green color) on the left side. When you left the scissor on the gift. A bell will come out from it.

Level 6 Hint:- Move the grass to the red light on the left side of the Christmas tree

Level 7 Hint:- hold tap on the sun

Level 8 Hint:- Play it like a racing game to pass the level (try rotating device).

Level 9 Hint:- Swipe the lid of the honey box left or right three times and when it will open, give it to the bear.

Level 10 Hint:- Try opening the ribbon of the 4th (yellow) box

Santa Finding All Levels

1. How to arrive The North Pole immediately (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 1)

2. Which road leads to Santa’s home (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 2)

3. Enter the house to find Santa Claus! (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 3)

4. Where is Santa Claus? (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 4)

5. Find the Santa’s Bell (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 5)

6. Find the Reindeer! (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 6)

7. Pick up the Christmas hat! (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 7)

8. Cross the snow mountain (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 8)

9. Santa Claus is in danger! Help him (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 9)

10. Open your gift (Brain Out Finding Santa Level 10)

This is all about Brain Out All level 1 to 10 Santa Finding.

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