How to Boost Discord Server (Complete Guide)?

What does a server boost do in discord?

Discord has bought yet another feature that is pretty beneficial to gaming enthusiasts. For a nominal fee, a server boost magnifies the quality of any server and enhances the speed and performance to a noticeable extent. With an increased quality of streaming and a ton of fun emojis, streamers can now avail all sorts of luxury while gaming, listening to music, and carrying out fun activities with their audience. 

For a predetermined monthly cost, we can say server boosts offer sweet added benefits to their subscribers. For starters, there are many “levels” of server booting, each with a corresponding price and added benefits. Further, everything remains firmly in line with Discord’s gaming-themed branding. All server members are welcome to participate and provide a server boost because the entire concept depends on people interacting and collaborating for good.

For instance, level one benefits become available once your server is blessed with two server boosts. These boosts can be produced by an individual boosting twice or by a team of two boosting independently. Added to that, level two and level three will be available to you after 15 and 30 server boosts, respectively.

How to Boost Discord Server?

As per our discussion so far, we see that Discord has three stages of boost-

  • Level 1 can be applied with 2 server boosts.
  • Level 2 can be applied with 15 server upgrade boosts 
  • Level 3 can be applied with 30 server upgrade boosts.

Now, that you know the boost stages you can choose one according to your preference, and subscribe accordingly. 

In case you’re wondering how to add boosts, do consider the steps accordingly-

Step 1- Launch the discord app.

Step 2 – Sign in to your account with the correct credentials.

Step 3- Now, you are on the home page of your discord account. 

Step 4- Then, choose the desired server from the sidebar of the home page.

Step 5- Navigate to the server settings of that desired server.

Step 6- Next, click on the boost server, from the settings.

Step 7- Pick the amount of upgrade you wish to purchase. 

Step 8- Enter your payment-related info.

Step 9- Confirm the payment, and wait for a few seconds.

Step 10- Kudos, your boost is now active.

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How many times can you boost discord server?

Right off the bat, you are allowed to boost one server multiple times in a row. Do note that one boost lasts up to a month or 28 days at times. Once the boost ends, the rewards and other upgrades will no longer be available. 

So, the members will have to renew their “boost” on a monthly basis to keep their servers boosted. You may also opt for multiple boosts at the same time, by purchasing Nitro Boosts, which helps you to activate two boosts simultaneously. 

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Does it cost money to boost a discord server?

Though the Discord application is absolutely free to use, users need to subscribe to boosts. Discord Nitro, for instance, will cost you $9.99 a month. It offers users access to a wide array of handpicked games as well as additional benefits. 

Now, in case you don’t know how to boost a Discord server, you will need to follow some easy steps, and you will have an upgraded server in no time. Scroll up for a step-by-step guide!

What happens if you boost a Discord server?

Subscribers to Discord Nitro can now boost locations, giving the communication platform a bunch of more benefits. Users of Nitro now have the option to enhance servers with a ton of add-on options, like more emoji slots, better streaming quality, and other incentives. 

To put it simply, these are enhancements that the entire server’s user base can benefit from. A server can even receive a distinctive invite Urls and a maximum of 100 MB of download capacity for non-Nitro subscribers if enough people boost it.

A user who boosts a server on Discord is rewarded with a special symbol designating a launch vehicle as well as a specific function in that server. Also, note that one server can be boosted at a time by a Nitro subscriber. 

How to cancel server boost discord?

discord server

Suppose you’ve tried the server boost for a month and now you don’t wish to continue further. We do get a handful of queries on the same once in a while. Let us tell you that canceling a service boost in Discord is pretty straightforward.

We have provided two different methods to cancel the server boost.  Feel free to pick one according to your preference-

Method 1 From your PC/Laptop

Step 1- First things first, launch or sign in to the Discord app on your PC or laptop.

Step 2- Once you log in, you will now land on the home page of your Discord account.

Step 3- Head on to the user setting in the bottom left of your screen, and click on it.

Step 4- Now, navigate to the billing section and select the boost server option.

Step 5- Click on the three-dot icon just beside your boost subscription. Then, choose “cancel backup subscription”.

Step 6-  Hit yes, and confirm the settings. You’re all set now!

Method 2 From your mobile device

Step 1- Install and log in to your discord profile.

Step 2- Locate the hamburger icon on the homepage of your profile. Once found, click on it!

Step 3- Then, tap on your profile display pic.

Step 4- Under nitro settings, Scroll down to choose the option “ manage boost”.

Step 5- Next, tap on the three dot line and select “cancel subscription backup”.

Step 6- Confirm your settings, and done! 

How to remove boost from discord server?


Step 1- On your computer or laptop, download or log in to your Discord account.

Step 2- Once you log in, you’re now on the home page.

Step 3- From the lower left corner of your screen, click on User Settings.

Step 4- Then, select the boost server option under the billing section.

Step 5- To cancel your backup subscription, click on the three dots right next to your boost subscription.

Step 6- To confirm the settings, click yes.


How long does a discord server boost last?

A discord server boost lasts for 1 month or 28 days in some cases.

How much does a discord server boost cost?

The boost costs $9.98 for level one which provides you with 2 Boosts. $34.93 per month for the second level which contains 15 boosts. Lastly, $48.90 per month for the third level, that provides you a whopping 30 boosts.


Whether server boosting will be beneficial for you or not is mostly dependent on your frequency of usage. For the record, the added perks of server boost will be felt mostly by those who participate actively in a server, like streamers and seasoned gamers. On the flip side, a normal user will find it tough to appreciate the added advantages. You would be better off saving your bucks if you mostly use Discord just to chat with your pals.

Nonetheless, with an effort to bring communities together, Discord server boosts are a fascinating trial in collaborating toward a common objective. It is rarely possible for one individual to raise a server very high. So, it is worthwhile surveying your community and outlining the advantages. Only then, you’ll be able to determine how much a work server increases its potential in this manner.

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