How to Bollyfame app apk download for Android? [Raj Kundra App]

  • What is Bollyfame app [Raj Kundra App] details?

The Raj Kundra app name was Bollyfame. Bollyfame was termed as Raj Kundra’s backup plan or plan B. This is because in case his first plan ever backfired or his other app (Hotshots) got banned, so he had planned about Bollyfame. 

As per WhatsApp chats recovered by the Mumbai police between Raj Kundra and his former PA Pradeep Bakshi, their first app had been banned by Google Play Store and Apple App Store for violating their terms & conditions. This was when the new app was mentioned about and it was declared that the app would be launched within two to three weeks.

Bollyfame was designed to stream live videos of models and actresses. Raj Kundra was planning to cast his sister-in-law in a film that would eventually be released on the Bollyfame app.

Bollyfame was supposed to be more than just a video app. It was supposed to feature chat shows, reality shows, music videos, and even script-based movies.

The concept was similar to Eka Kapoor’s Alt Balaji but there was no plan to involve bold scenes in this app.

what is bollyfame app

How to Bollyfame app apk download for Android?

As the app’s of Raj Kundra were suspended from Play Store and App Store, so one could use the Bollyfame apk file to download the app.

Bollyfame app Raj Kundra download was only possible via the apk file because the official app stores had strictly banned his apps due to violation of their terms and conditions.

Raj Kundra video app features

Bollyfame app was going to feature music videos, script-based movies, chat shows, reality shows, and a lot more content.

Owner name

Bollyfame was Raj Kundra’s plan B app.

Which country does Bollyfame app belong?

Raj Kundra’s Bollyfame app belongs to India.


As the app was yet to be launched, so user reviews are not available.


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