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Bobby Deol, a popular Bollywood actor has given many blockbuster hit movies. He is famous for his acting skills. No doubt, this actor has achieved many things in his life.

But this is all possible because of his hard work. He was supported by his father, Dharmendra and brother Sunny Deol. It may not be possible without them for Bobby to achieve this huge success.

This great man was born as a Vijay Singh Deol. Yes, the real name of Bobby is Vijay. After entering Bollywood, This actor changed his name to look cool in the Bollywood Industry.

Bobby Deol Biography-Age-Wife-Movies-Family-Sons-Photos

This actor has worked in many films. He has a huge fan following. There are many girls who are fans of him and wants to marry him. He is a tall handsome guy with a dashing personality. That is the reason why girls die for him.

Moreover, this guy is married now and has two sons also. I have already shared a detailed article on his sons.

Bobby Deol Photos

Now I am going to share some personal photos of Bobby and his family. So let’s start.

Taniya Deol

In this above photo, Bobby is with his wife Taniya Deol at a party. Both are looking very good in their suits.

Both are stylish and follow the latest trends. As you can see in this pic that Bobby Deol’s wife is very beautiful and pretty. They are attending the wedding Sangeet ceremony of the Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh.

With Salman Khan

In the above photo you can see the actor Bobby is with the Bollywood King, Salman Khan. His comeback with an extreme body transformation made his fans surprised.

You can notice the changes in his body by comparing his old and this photo easily. This comeback of him is for Race 3 Movie which was going to release soon.

Fans of him are very curious to watch him again in the movie with Salman Khan.

With his father, brother, and cousin

The above photo is the old image of Bobby with his brother, father, and cousin.

Dharmendra is on the chair while the cousin of Bobby Deol, Abhay Deol is in front of the Dharmendra. Sunny Deol is on the left side of the Dharmendra while Bobby is on the right side.

Marriage photos

This above photo is the marriage photo of Bobby Deol. Both Bobby and Taniya are looking fabulous in the pic. As you can see in the pic that He is holding the hand of the Taniya. Both are following the Indian marriage traditions to marry with each other.

Photo with wife and sons

In this above photo, you can see him along with his wife and two sons. As you can see the couple is happily married along with his two sons. The family is attending a marriage party in Mumbai. Check about Tanya Deol.

Tanya Deol bobby deol wife

So, guys, this is all about the “Bobby Deol Photos”.

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