Bobby Deol and Tanya Deol Love story-The story of Togetherness

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Bobby Deol, a famous Bollywood actor who has worked in many romantic and love movies has its own love story. Yes, the Bollywood star Bobby has its own interesting love story.

I know you don’t know about Bobby’s marriage but let me tell you that he has done love marriage. The love story of Bobby Deol is not less than a fairy tale.

His love story is very interesting. So, without wasting more time let me tell you How these lovebirds met and fall in love.

How Bobby Deol met Tanya Deol

Bobby Deol and Tanya Deol Love story-The story of Togetherness

Bobby met Tanya Deol after his movie “Barsaat“. The movie is quite got successful due to which Bobby also get famous.

After the success of the movie, Bobby started getting many offers for films. The movie Barsaat has not only opened the gates of success for him but also made him a dream boy for many girls.

Bobby Deol met Tanya at one of the Italian restaurants in Mumbai. Bobby went there for dinner with his friends. He saw Tanya for the very first time at the restaurant.

Bobby got interested in her. He started collecting information about the Tanya. There he came to know that her name is Tanya Ahuja and is the daughter of the businessman, Dev Ahuja.

Fall in love

Then Bobby started searching for the contact number of the Tanya. After a lot of struggle, Bobby finally got Tanya’s number.

Bobby started talking to her but Tanya was not ready to meet her as a person. But after a lot of wooing, Tanya finally agreed to meet him.

After first met, the couple started talking more to each other. They started spending more time with each other. Soon after, Tanya also realized that she is also in love with Bobby.

Both Tanya and Bobby then decided to convert their relationship into a marriage. Bobby proposed Tanya in the same restaurant where he saw her for the first time.

Then the couple told about their relationship with their families. Both the families got agreed to their marriage.

Marriage story

The families of both the lovebirds then met each other and fixed the date of the marriage. Then, at last, the day comes when the couple got happily married on the 30th of May 1996.

At that time, Bobby was only 29 years old according to its date of birth which I have already shared in his biography. This was a very special day for both the lovebirds. The couple got many blessings from their family members and friends. Bobby

Life after Marriage

The couple is happily married for more than 22 years now. The couple got their first male child in the year 2002 and then the other in 2004.

The name of the first son is Aryaman whereas the name of the second son is Sharam. Both sons are studying at school. The Aryaman is 16 years old while Sharam is still 14 years old only.

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