How does bitcoin boost work on cash app? How do I Claim Boost?

How does bitcoin boost work on cash app?

Through Cash app boosts, users can land up instant discounts on every purchased product. If you plan to earn bitcoins, you can choose to use this platform to carve out an earning in bitcoins for yourself. But to earn through this process, the only condition you must fulfill is, having a cash card since it does not work on Cash app pay transactions. Only one boost is available at a time, but swapping boosts is allowed anytime.

  1. Tap the Cash card tab from your home screen and then choose the Save tab.
  2. Click on the Boost option, then click on add Boost tab.
  3. Start saving hereon for your purchases.

How do I claim my boost on cash App?

bitcoin boost work on cash app

You can use the above method to claim your boosts every time you make a purchase using your Cash card. However, if you have activated a boost and have not received a discount yet on your purchase, you can go ahead and follow the below process.

  1. From your activity tab on your Cash app home screen, choose the payment or boost that did not pay you back.
  2. Click on the three dots and then choose the missing boost.
  3. From the next screen, click on submit for review option.


With a Cash app card, the Boost option will help you receive discounts, as well as bitcoins on every purchase you make. If you are trying to find out the way to claim your boost, read the above article thoroughly.

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