Dhirubhai Ambani biography, Age, family, Success story, unknown facts

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Dhirubhai Ambani was a famous businessman of India. He was a man who had founded Reliance Industries. He was the mind behind the Reliance Industries.

Dhirubhai struggled very hard to get successful. He was the inspiration for many people who want to become something.

He was a legendary businessman and his business thinking still affect many people.

He was a man whom we can’t describe in a small paragraph. So keep reading this full post on “Dhirubhai Ambani biography, Age, family, Success story, unknown facts”.

Dhirubhai Ambani Biography/Wiki

Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani-Age-family-Success story-unknown facts

Name:- Dhirubhai Ambani

Full Name:- Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani

Nickname:- Gurubhai

Occupation:- Founder of Reliance Industries

Personal Life

Date of Birth:- 28th of December 1932

Date of death:- 6th of July 2002

Place of Birth:- Chorward, Junagadh in Gujarat, India

Religion:- Hinduism

Spouse:- Kokilaben Ambani

Marriage date:- 1954


Name of the sons:- Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani

Name of the daughters:- Nina Ambani And Deepti Ambani

Personal Life

Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani mostly known as Dhirubhai Ambani and he was born on 28th of December in 1932 at village Chorward in the District Junagadh of Gujarat, India.

People used to call him as Gurubhai. He was born into a middle-class family. His Father’s name is Hirachand Govardhandas Ambani who was a small teacher by profession.

Dhirubhai Ambani’s mother’s name is Jamanaben Ambani. She was a housewife.

Dhirubhai Ambani had a family of 7 members including Dhirubhai.

He had two Brothers – Ramnikbhai and Natubhai. One was elder than Dhirubhai and the other was Younger.

Dhirubhai was the second eldest son of the Hirachand and Jamanaben.

Dhirubhai had two younger sisters also whose name was Trilochanaben and Jasuben.

Since his father’s monthly income was not so high, he was fully aware of the family’s financial problems. Dhirubhai’s living condition was not so good at that time.

But with his continuous efforts and hard work, he was able to become a successful businessman in India.

School Life

When he had given the exams of class 10th his father fell ill. He told Dhirubhai to work and to quit studies.

Because the financial condition of the family was not so strong he agreed to work.


  • Dhirubhai went to Aden to work. He learned how to do business from there. He learned trading, accounting, and money management.
  • On 1958 he came back to India with his savings. Dhirubhai started trading spices under the name of Reliance Commercial Corporations. He started trading spices, sugar, betel nuts etc. to the Gulf Emirates.
  • After trading spices he started trading yarn. He started making big deals on yarn. Due to his hard work, He was soon being elected as Director of Bombay Yarn Merchants Association.
  • The two big deals in the yarn market helped him to earn a desirable amount for settling up Reliance textiles. In 1966 he started settling up a textile mill in Naroda, Ahmadabad. He used to travel on every weekend from Bombay to Ahmedabad to check the progress of the establishment of the factory. The main focus of Dhirubhai is to produce the best quality nylon in large quantities as possible.
  • Dhirubhai named the brand as “Vimal” which was the name of the son of his elder brother Ramniklal Ambani. But during that time the company did not have any new buyers because the wholesalers refused to buy fabric from the new company.
  • But these problems did not let him stop from getting successful. He came on the road to sell his fabrics. As Dhirubhai was highly experienced in dealing he was able to impress wholesalers. Soon after the company became the best fabric selling company of that time.
  • In 1981 his elder son Mukesh Ambani joined the business and started helping his father to grow Reliance Industries. Mukesh Ambani worked very hard and played a vital role in the journey of Reliance from textile to Polyester fibres. After some time, Reliance was further grown up in many different sectors like petrochemicals, petroleum refining, and gas exploration.
  • In 1983 his younger son Anil Ambani joined the business and took some of the responsibilities of the family business.
  • Over the period of time, with the continuous efforts of Dhirubhai and his two sons, the Reliance industries became the biggest composite mill of India.

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Death Date

Dhirubhai Ambani suffered from the first stroke in the year 1986 which resulted in paralyzing his right hand. After 16 years of the first stroke, he again suffered from another brain stroke on 24th of June 2002.

He was admitted to the Breach Candy Hospital situated in Mumbai. He was in a coma for more than 12 days. And After that, The Indian Business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani left us on 6 July 2002.

On his memory, the wife of Nita Ambani Established some schools Like Dhirubhai International School situated in Mumbai.

On the first death anniversary of Dhirubhai Ambani, the Union Govt. released a postage stamp in his memory.

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