How to Register New BHIM PNB UPI App? (Complete Guide)

What is the New Bhim PNB Upi app?

Bhim PNB app is open to its customers for UPI (Unified payment interface) applications. They would allow registration and linking with the bank and would allow linking with other banks as well.

Customers can pay and initiate money requests for their contacts. Account details remain confidential and by adding accounts of different banks customers would be allowed to manage the accounts within the confines of a single platform easing the job of the customers.

How to Bhim PNB Register & USE the app?

To use the new Bhim PNB, users must register themselves with the PNB UPI. After registration, they would be able to transfer money using PNB UPI app and also collect and receive money using it.

Here is what you need to do,

1) Download the app from Google Playstore.

2) Launch the app and then click on the Registration option and further verify the registered mobile number.

3) From the GPS settings click on the settings to enable the GPS settings.

4) Post mobile number verification, click on the registration option to include name, mail address, and date of birth, select the VPA, and also set up a 6-digit password.

5) Once Registration is confirmed, you can start using the account for transferring money and also for receiving money.

6) Click on the Pay tab and then choose the account from which you wish to transfer the money. 

7) Choose the right VPA of the payee or recipient.

8) Next, enter the amount you wish to pay and then click on the Pay option.

9) Enter your m-PIN and then click on the submit button.

If you wish to collect the payments, and then follow the following- Choose to proceed to the collect tab.

  • Select the payer for the VPA.
  • Next click on the initiate request option and a confirmation would come to you.
  • Once the funds are approved, funds would be sent to the person paying the amount.

How to Bhim PNB UPI App download?

The downloading of the app is free and does not incur any charges when you try it from Google Playstore.

Download the BHIM PNB UPI from the Google Play store and then install it on your device and then use it after registering with it.

PNB Bhim app Transaction limit

The upper limit of UPI transactions with Bhim UPI is Rs.1 lakh. UPI transaction is free through the use of BHIM UPI.

Transactions through the app are fast, safe, and completely easy for even those who are new to such apps and services.

How to contact BHIM app customer care?

To contact the BHIM UPI call center, you will have to call up the BHIM Toll-Free number 18001201740 for your BHIM transaction-related questions and grievances.

Is New Bhim PNB app Safe?

New BHIM UPI uses all the safety models and measures to ensure the transactions are completely safe.

They use bank-level security which cannot be hacked at all as it is regularly monitored and taken care of from their end 24/7.

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