7 Best School Life Simulation Games For Android

Whether you are looking for a way to relive your high school days or simply enjoy school life simulation games, there are plenty of options available on the Google Play Store. With school life simulation games, you can create your own character, attend classes, make friends, and explore a virtual world designed to resemble a school environment. In this blog, we will look at seven of the best school life simulation games available for adults on Android.

High School Simulator 2019:

In High School Simulator 2019, players can experience the excitement and drama of high school life. The game features an open-world environment where players can attend classes, participate in extracurricular activities, and even get into fights. With various outfit options, players can customize their character to suit their style. The game has a free mode and a story mode where players must complete missions.

Hollywood Story:

Hollywood Story is a game where players take on the role of an aspiring actress or actor. In the game, players must navigate the entertainment industry, attend auditions, and make friends in order to climb the ranks of stardom. The game features realistic graphics and an engaging storyline that will keep players entertained for hours.

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College Brawl:

College Brawl is a school life simulation game for Android that puts players in the shoes of a college student. Players can customize their character’s look, attend classes, explore the college campus, and join clubs or teams. The game has an engaging storyline that follows the player as they strive to prove themselves in the competitive environment of college life.

My Tamagotchi Forever:

Although not strictly a school life simulation game, My Tamagotchi Forever is a popular game among adults who enjoy simulation games. In My Tamagotchi Forever, players take care of a virtual pet, feed it, play with it, and keep it happy. The game offers various mini-games and challenges to keep players engaged.

High School Story:

In High School Story, players run their own school, recruit students, and participate in events and competitions. The game has various storylines and mission objectives that players must complete to progress through the game. With charming graphics and engaging gameplay, High School Story is a popular choice among school life simulation game enthusiasts.

School Days:

School Days is a game where players take on the role of a high school student. The game features a multitude of activities such as attending classes, making friends, and developing relationships. With various outcomes depending on the player’s choices, School Days offers a unique and engaging experience.

Campus: Date Sim:

Campus: Date Sim is a dating simulation game set in a college campus. Players must navigate the complexities of college life while trying to find love. With multiple characters to interact with and various outcomes depending on the player’s choices, Campus: Date Sim offers a unique and enjoyable experience.


With so many school life simulation games available for Android, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one to play. The games on this list offer a variety of gameplay experiences to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you want to relive your high school years, run your own school, or find love on campus, there is a school life simulation game on Android that is sure to keep you entertained. Try one or all of these games and enjoy the virtual school life experience.

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