Best App for election results | App for tracking election results USA

Best app for election results 2020 USA: The USA elections are knocking the door. A majority of people are excited to know about the results. Google’s play store brings to you all a special application for tracing the election results. The election tracker 2020-US presidential election will help people keep an eye on whatever is going on in the election of 2020 in the United States. 

Everything that you will get to know is listed below:

  • Presidential election poll of 2020
  • Senate election polls of 2020 (federal)
  • House elections
  • Hose election polls of 2020 (federal)
  • Tracking the result of whatever is going on in the presidential general election of 2020 (after the US election 2020 results date)

This is the best election tracking app as this application is completely affiliated with the government. 

Best app for tracking election results USA

Best App for election results

The Guardian app is the new stress-reducing application for all those people out there who is super-excited of getting the results of election in their mobile phones. Once you will sign up in this application through Google’s play store, your phone will remain updated with the notifications about the election night and beyond. This is the best election tracking app as you can extend the alert to check the electoral vote through data visualizations. This application is available on both Apple’s App store and Google’s Play Store.  You can also get the live election results and manage some of the anxieties you get during the election days. 

  • Official Trump [2020] App

Best place to watch election results

Several American cable channels are there to keep you updated about the live election results. Channels like CNN and MSNBC might not be that easy to get access from the abroad. You can use VPN to gain access into these channels. Other results are also on the way to help you keep updated about the American election results. You can search for the broadcasts available on the YouTube, and other news channels like PBS Newshour, NBC News, and ABC News.

The US presidential election app

To know what is going on in the United States, the USA election app 2020 is created to satisfy people’s urge. In this application, people will get access to various information like election and results date and the USA election announcement date. This application will cover various debates, primary information, and news and bring them at the palm of people’s hands. 

Several premium features have also been included in the election tracker 2020 app such as:

  • The news about the latest presidential debate of 2020
  • The primary schedule of 2020
  • Your mobile phones will receive various push notifications related to debate videos and debate timings
  • Delegate count of 2020
  • Ticketing information about the presidential debate going on in the USA 
  • The democratic candidates of 2020- list of the possible candidates
  • The democratic debate schedule of 2020 
  • You can get links related to debate videos and debate live streams and enjoy them at your own space
  • The general schedule of election debate of 2020 will also be available in this application

This election tracker 2020 app is available on both Apple’s play store and Google’s play store.

Who is winning the election live?

The prediction is still counting with the number of votes. The outcome of the results between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is still in the race. There is a possibility that the winner of the result will remain unknown for a number of days. Outstanding results were counted from states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Georgia’s result will still be counted. The exit polls will be viewed after the results. 


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