Bekaboo Web Series Season 1 Episode 8 Trailer Reviews

Bekaboo web series Episode 8 (Indecent Proposal)

The plot thickens

Bekaboo Web Series Season 1 Episode 8 Download

Episode Length:- 20 min


 In this episode, Kiyan plans to meet Anaysha in a restaurant so that they can talk freely. But unluckily Kashti sees both of them together.

She gets angry and then forces him to purpose publicly. Then Kashti wents to the USA because of her sister’s death.


Actor NameRole in Bekaboo
Rajeev Siddhartha Kiyan
Priya BanerjeeKashti
Madhussneha UpadhyayAnaysha
Jitendra Hirawat Varun
Trishna MukherjeeNatasha
Ananditaa Singh Tina

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