How to Renew BC Services Card App? (A Quick Guide)

What is the BC services Card App?

The British Columbia (BC) services card app is launched by the Govt. of Columbia. The main purpose of the Card is that it provides access to Govt. Services. It can be used for several purposes including 

  • – Their use in health services.
  • – Like a photo ID
  • – To use the online government services, one has to flash the card.
  • – If you want, you can combine it with your driver’s license easily.

There are three BC service card types.

  • – Photo BC services card
  • – Non-photo BC service card
  • – BC Driver’s license and service card

You can use any of the cards to access the insured health service schemes.

renew BC services Card app

How to RENEW BC Services Card?

Note:- Users need to renew their card before their Current Card Expiry.

So if your card is going to expire you should renew it as soon as possible otherwise after the expiry date, the only option left is to apply for a NEW One. Follow the below steps to Renew BC Services card.

  • Now, Select a Type of Your card.
  • Now, Read all the instructions given there carefully. If you still don’t understand the steps given there you can also call them at their Toll-free: 1-888-356-2741.

How to USE BC Services Card App?

BC services is a digitally devised mobile card on your device. It is your identity proof when taking up online government services. Just five minutes of your time is all it takes to set up a BC service mobile card.

You can always use their video identification technique to verify yourself.

Its simple to perform such an act, like, 

– Capture your video and send it to BC services at any point in time.

– A BC agent will verify your video identity proof.

– You’d be verified anytime between Monday and Friday within a few hours of sending the video to the team.

– If you can’t send a video then you’ll have to make a short video call to your BC service agent somewhere between 07:30 am to 08:00 pm from Monday to Friday and from 9 pm to 5 pm Pacific Standard time (PST).

– You can also verify in person your BC service location additionally.

App Benefits

Several benefits of the BC Service Card app include;

– Secure Card services which facilitate one-time security check for identity verification.

– Its secure platform always makes sure no one else can set up another mobile card with your ID and thus, prevents identification theft.

– It enables a password-free login for its users and all you need to do is use your own mobile device locking system to access your card.

– It just takes five minutes of your time to set up the card.

BC services card app Not Working solution

There can be some solutions in case your card is not working

– Track your internet connection well, your app might not work if you have a poor internet connection.

– Check your mobile storage space and make sure you have enough for the app.

– Your Android app should support the installation of the application.

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