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The first massive tech organization to move against the Infowars news channel was Apple. The Apple’s company attempted in removing one of the iTunes podcast on Sunday. Alex Jones was allegedly accused of posting hate speeches and false claims on coronavirus in his news channel Infowars. app Infowars

The app Infowars was also banned from Google’s play store. The news channel has been accused of constantly posting fake news about the rise in number of newly infected corona patients throughout the world. app download android

Employees who have been working for the agency brought up statements of harassing them for many years. This new website is a far-right American conspiracy theory.

The video that laid to the removal of the android app from Google’s play store was mainly directed upon asking people to follow social distancing, quarantine efforts and shelter in place norms to decrease the spread of the coronavirus. This video was apparently posted by the radio host Alex Jones who allegedly claimed that there is a cure for this virus and social distancing would stop the virus from spreading. android app

Alex Jones is already banned from various social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Apple’s store and Google’s play store. This was caused after he posted a video in his news channel, Infowars, stating wrong assumptions on coronavirus. The video went viral raising several voices from across the world and creating fuss everywhere. After the video went viral, several other news channel came up with controversial videos stating their own facts. 

Both Apple’s store and Google’s play store have stated that combating any sort of misinformation is their top priority. Any video or iTune that violates the policy of Apple’s or Google’s play store and distributes misleading and unsafe information will be immediately banned from the respective places. In the video, Alex Jones claimed that antivirals were created to fight against the novel coronavirus. This is not the first time that Jones had brewed up such fake conspiracy but, there have been a lot other times that he had tried to violate the noble policies. app download

You can still search for the previous videos on this news channel. To download those videos you need to type “how to download Infowars” in Google’s search engine. After you do that, you will get various links. Click one of them and you will get the information. Follow the instructions as they are given and you will be only able to watch the previous videos of the Infowars news website.

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