How to download bank Statement on Capitec app online [2024]?

The bank statement for Capitec Bank is downloadable from the Capitec app. Send the bank statement from the app to your email ID directly.

Steps to download bank Statements on Capitec app

  • Choose the Remote PIN ID for your Capitec Bank to sign in.
  • Now move to the email statement tab.
  • Choose a date range for which you would want your bank statement.
  • Add the email address to which you want to send the statement.
  • Click on the Send tab to ensure you have sent the stamped bank statement to your account.

How to download Bank Statement using capitec online banking?

Downloading a bank statement from online Capitec banking takes a few minutes.

  • Open the site using the given link.
  • From the different available options, tap the Save option.
  • Add your login details alongside your remote PIN.
  • From your account profile, choose Email Statement.
  • Add the date range and the email address before clicking on the Send tab.
  • You’d receive the Capitec Account statement in a stamped electronic format in your email account.

How to get Capitec bank statement via email?

download bank Statement on Capitec app

While using the app or online services, choose the email statement tab. This will prompt you to add an email ID. Once added, the bank statement would be sent directly to that email account.

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How to get bank statement from Capitec ATM?

You cannot get a detailed bank statement from the Capitec ATM.

  • After swiping your ATM card, enter your PIN.
  • Choose the Mini Statement option from the list.
  • Click on OK and wait for your mini statement generation.

How long does it take to get Capitec bank Statement?

When using the online services, or the app, statements can be generated instantly.

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