Bank of America EDD debit card online login & Check Balance

How to get a Bank of America EDD debit card?

The Employment Development Department (EDD) has tagged up with the Bank of America in providing a debit card for the unemployed, disabled, and paid leave programs for customers.

The debit card allows access to funds 24 x 7 and gives access to use the card everywhere. The debit card is valid for 3 years from the date it is issued.

edd bank of america debit card transfer money, login

How to do Bank of America EDD debit card online login?

To log in to the Bank of America EDD debit card online, these are the steps you must follow.

  • Click on the EDD debit card online and visit the site.
  • Add your username or card number to sign in to the account.
  • Enter the debit card details like the expiration date, month, CVV/security code, and SSN.
  • Now tap on the continue tab to log in to your account.

How to Transfer money from EDD card to Bank of America account?

Transferring money from EDD to Bank of America is possible using the below steps.

  • Visit the My Money tab from your account and then go to the Transfer option.
  • Click on the Add Transfer to Account option.
  • Add your bank account and routing number in the provided space.
  • Click on the transfer tab to make the transfer happen.

How to check EDD Bank of America card Balance?

If you have a physical card you can check the balance from any of the ATMs. You can also have an EDD digital card, sent to you by the bank in the form of a link. When you activate the digital card and start using it, every time, you log in you can see- 

  • the number on your digital card, 
  • expiry date, 
  • security code and 
  • Your balance right on the screen.

How to activate Bank of America EDD debit card?

To activate the Bank of America EDD debit card you will have to follow the below steps;

  • Visit the Bank of America EDD debit card site.
  • To activate the card, click on the Activate My Card tab.
  • Add the number in your new debit card, and then press the Continue tab.
  • If you asked for any additional information while activating your debit card, fill them up.
  • Wait for the card to get activated which might take a few seconds. 

How to use Bank of America EDD debit card?

The EDD debit card has a wide range of functions. You can use the physical as well as the digital version of the card. Once you have activated it, you can use it everywhere as a normal debit card.

When using the card digitally you will need to log in to your card each time you wish to use it.

EDD debit card daily limit?

The ATM daily withdrawal limit on an EDD debit card is $1000. 


The card is primarily used for transferring unemployment benefits. If you are enrolled in it, you will likely receive this card. The card is a normal one and is brought out in close collaboration between Bank of America and EDD. Read more about the card here, if you have doubts about using it.

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