How to Find ROUTING NUMBER through Bank of America app

Wire transfers require a Bank of America routing number. Routing numbers are 9-digit numbers that work as an identifying number for banks and other financial organizations.

Direct deposits and bill payments require the routing number to operate. If you want to check the routing number for your State with BOA, follow this link for more information.

How to find ROUTING NUMBER through Bank of America app?

how to find routing number through Bank of America app

Just open your BOA app, and then click on the three dashes present beside the login tab.

  • From the drop down search bar, type the routing number on it.
  • When the routing number screen comes up, click on the blue routing number icon
  • It would ask you for your ZIP code, and you need to add it.
  • Closely look into different routing numbers available for paper and electronic deposits and choose the one that is very likely to match your requirement.

How to find the Routing Transit Number Bank of America app?

To find a routing number on your check, you need to look into the left lower segment. It would be a 9-digit number which is your routing number.

How to check Bank of America account Number?  

Checking the Bank account number online can be done by going through a few tabs as mentioned below.

  • After logging into the online account, choose your account. Your account overview page mentions all your accounts.
  • Visit the information and services option.
  • When you click on the Show Link option from the Account Details section, your account number would be displayed there.

Do Bank of America Prepaid cards have Routing Numbers?

Yes, all Bank of America cards have a routing number. You might have to check for it from your card section from the online account.


Routing numbers are essential for identifying a bank in the United States. Every account holder will be connected to a routing number. Checking the lower-left corner of your check is the easiest way to spot your routing number. Now that you know all about the importance of routing numbers from this article find your relevant routing number.

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