Asana desktop App for Windows & Mac (Complete Guide)

Asana is a project management software. Asana’s desktop app is capable of pulling one away from distraction and can help you focus on the main work.

The Asana app is available for Windows, and Mac and is not available for Linux systems.

What is Asana desktop app?

asana desktop app download for windows mac

With Asana mapping each step is easy and organizing the work all in one place is also super easy. Check the workflow step of your work and then decide what needs to be done with the work. Accordingly tweak the app to use it for meeting your assigned deadlines. The app would accurately record your days intimating you in due time about the deadline of a particular job on Asana.

Uploading documents is very easy with Asana, Word documents are supported in the platform apart from PDFs, excels, voice messages, phone messages and there is so much more you can do with the app.

It can also show the number of projects you have completed with the team. Additionally, it shows the time you have taken to complete the projects. It has space for rework and if you have reworked you can easily re-upload the same document again.

How to Download and install the Asana desktop app on Mac?

For downloading the app on Mac open the link in Safari. Once the link opens in Safari, you can start downloading the apk. After the apk is downloaded, you simply have to run and install the app in your system.

How to Asana free download for Windows 10?

From move to Windows 64-bit or 32-bit link. 

Download the apk of the app on your Windows 10 machine and then run to install the app on your system.

How to USE Asana App?

 There is a lot you can do with the help of the Asana app. 

– Onboard a team and begin with features and projects on Asana.

– Go through various tutorials to understand exactly how the system works and to make it easy for people to work.

– Draw a community forum and also with Asana you can become an Asana ambassador.

– You can gain access to My Tasks, Projects, Quick Add, and also other project details easily with the app.

– Once you have signed in, you can easily add a team and create your projects with just a few clicks.

Asana App Review

Asana app has some of the coolest reviews from users who join the app while working remotely from home. Users find that the app syncs perfectly well all the data and communication from time to time and users have also said they do not have trouble logging in or navigating through any of the issues.

The app is capable of highlighting deadlines thereby helping you streamline your workflow every time.

The feature which is praised the most with Asana is the ability to log into the app interface with the SAML-enabled platform whereby users don’t have to add their log-in details completely. Simply adding the email ID is enough and the password can be left blank. The app will redirect you to your company’s IDP login page.

Apart from that you can use your Google login via Google SSO and can also login using the 1Password easily, reviewers have found a newness in the ways you can log in to Asana compared to other conventional apps. Asana vs Monday which one is better?

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