How to use Arrivecan App? (Complete Guide 2024)

ArriveCAN app for Canada is created in April 2020 and is built to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease. Everyone entering Canada has to mandatorily use this app whether its travellers, foreign nationals or Canadian citizens returning to their country.

The app asks certain questions about the health and symptoms of passengers further stating their complete 14-day quarantine plan. The app also asks for specific personal contact information to carry out potential checks.

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Download and install ArriveCAN app on iOS & Android?

Follow the below download and installation process of the ArriveCAN app in iOS and Android.

For iOS platforms follow the below procedure,

  • – Go to the Apple app store.
  • – Find your Arrive CAN app Canada from the search tab.
  • – Then press the Get app button.
  • – Once you download the app, you can register with the app.

For Android platforms, follow the below steps;

  • Find the ArriveCAN mobile app from the third-party app stores.
  • First, manually prepare your device to download apps from unknown sources by clicking on the Menu>Settings>Security>click on unknown sources.
  • Once the app is downloaded, click to run the app on your device.
  • Follow the installation directions to ensure the app is installed properly on your device.

You can additionally sign in online to the ArriveCAN web platform.

How to use ArriveCAN app?

ArriveCAN mobile app can be used in the following ways,

– Provide the required contact information for yourself and people travelling with you.

– You would need to provide the trip reference code for your 3-night reservation at a government authorised hotel.

– If you are a native citizen, then you must provide your complete mailing address to the government where you would be quarantining yourself and your family for the next 14 days.

– Acknowledge your understanding of the requirements for testing when flying or driving to Canada.

– Reply to questions about the quarantine plan if you are not exempted from quarantine requirements.

– Get the Arrive CAN confirmation receipt to display to the officials of the Canadian border service officers.

– Either take a screenshot or carry the mail while travelling or driving.

– Once you have arrived at your destination, complete the COVID-19 self-assessment procedure. 

Does ArriveCAN app track location?

Arrive CAN app does not use any GPS facility for tracking your location and thus user privacy is not minimized.

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