How to apply for Arlington housing authority application 2021

What is Arlington housing application?

The Arlington housing application program is rental assistance given to the people of the United States by the US Housing and Urban Development.

The low-income families and groups, older adults, and disabled individuals are provided rental assistance from the government. Due to the COVID-19 scenario, applications are only being accepted online.

How to apply for Arlington housing authority application 2021

Apply online for the Arlington housing authority. You can also submit a paper application limited only to the elderly and disabled for this year’s application process. To apply, complete the below steps.

arlignton housing voucher
  1. Choose the Get Started option from the lower section of the page.
  2. Now either click on the Register tab or the login segment.
  3. After registering yourself, try to answer all the sections of the application form.
  4. When the application is submitted, a confirmation receipt will be mailed back to you.

Arlington housing application online requirements?

To apply for the Arlington, Texas application, several online requirements need to be fulfilled.

  1. The family’s income requirements must be specified. A family cannot exceed 50% of the income median of the country. If the family earns somewhere between 31 to 50 percent of the area’s total income median value, you will be eligible for being included in the waiting list.
  2. You must either have an elderly, disabled, or a low-income family structure unit to qualify for the house rent facility.
  1. Identity requirements like Driver’s license, passport, social security number, birth certificates, and income proofs like W-2, pay stubs, and tax forms must be submitted.
  2. Show your total family income through the paychecks that need to be submitted. 

How to check the Arlington housing authority waiting list?

To check the Arlington housing authority waiting list, you must save your PIN. Each time visit the website and check the status of your application by entering the PIN in the space provided.

Arlington Section 8 housing Application Opening/Closing Date?

The Arlington Section 8 housing application opened on 06th October 2021 from 09:00 am and will remain open until 03:00 pm CT on 12th October 2021.

How long does Arlington Housing take?

Every year, 50 vouchers are given out, and usually, one needs to wait 3 to 5 years to obtain the vouchers. The current waiting list has almost 200 people in the waiting list.

when does Arlington housing open?

Arlington Housing application opens on 06th October 2021 by 09:00 am.


If you are homeless, have poor housing facilities, or are without a decent place to stay, try the open Arlington housing application (AHA). Read more about the AHA application process here before applying online.

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