How to Use Aria App Albums Cover (Complete Guide 2024)?

Aria the AR platform, is an app that works to enhance one’s digital experience by smoothly blending real-time images with already uploaded digital media to create a moving graphical representation of any item on which the camera is focused.

The app is available free of cost and is aimed at simplifying augmented reality (AR) for individual users, brands, and organizations who work with AR every day.

Apart from adding a new dimension to your image it also incorporates a different element to it every time creating unique experiences on the go.

aria platform app

How to Aria app download for Android & iOS?

Aria is available for downloads in the Google Play store for Android apps and in the Apple app store for iOS devices.

The steps to download the app from these app stores are quite simple.

· All you have to do is open the Play store and then you have to search for the Aria app by typing the name of the app in the search bar.

· Now tap on the install button to download the app from the Google Play Store and on the Get button to download the app from the Apple app store.

How to USE the Aria app?

To use the Aria app, you need to download it to your Android and iOS devices.

– Remember the recording facility is right now available only with iOS devices and not with Android ones. With Android phones, you’ll have to use the app’s recording device to record it.

– Secondly, there is live streaming of the version created with the app for the image held in front of the app. The app does not store the recording, instead of live streaming it, and to use it or share it, you must record it with your device.

– Now use any frame you wish to use and hold the camera right in front of it. This image is immediately recognized by the app which begins converting it into a screen that is capable of displaying digital information.

– You can convert the image into a recording by tapping on the Record button and then you have the option to either save the image or share it with the world.

What vinyl works with Aria?

Different vinyl patterns can be easily used with the Aria platform vinyl. Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Abbey Road of Beatles create jaw-dropping content when used in combination with the app.

Vinyl is a material and the app can be used with magazines as well as different vinyl covers easily.

 Aria app vinyl list

The vinyl list of the Aria app is quite vivid and extends to almost all patterns and formats to help you access and turn even vinyl photos into screens.

 Aria app Album covers

Using the Aria app for album covers to bring them to life is a wonderful experience and can be easily achieved by holding any of your favorite album covers below the camera through the Aria app platform.

 What albums work with the Aria app?

Albums that work on the Aria app are not specific because It works on all sorts of albums and their covers can be easily turned into reality.

Fit bit Aria air app

Fit bit Aria app is where Fit bit is joining hands with Aria app to create an ultimate user experience. Connect Aria Air to your screen by following the on-screen instructions and connect both in no time. Aria air app in conjunction with Fit Bit is different from the Aria, the AR platform.

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