Appyeet app Download for iOS Android | Install Among us FallGuys is an iOS app store where one can find free premium ios and Android apps and games. It is one of the famous app stores that provide tweaked or modified games for both iOS and Android.

They provide download links for a variety of popular games like Among us, Minecraft, Tekken, Roblox, Valorant, WWE, and many more.

With Appyeet Among us hack version, you can unlock skins, pets, and much more. This will make your game more easy and interesting. Like this, you can download Fallguys and other tweaked games.

The interesting thing is that this game is available for both ios and Android users.

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How to download Appyeet iOS app?

The app is available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod. Apple users can download appyeet app apk version easily by following these simple steps.

Step 1:- Open your phone browser and visit

appyeet among us hack

Step 2:- Now select the game or app that you want to install on your iOS device.

Step 3:- Tap on the app, this will leads you to the injection process.

Step 4:- Click on the Start Installation button.

appyeet fallguys app

Step 5:- Next, you will be asked to download any two free apps or offers as shown below. After installation, make sure you have followed the instructions properly shown with the app. If you fail to do so, the app will not be downloaded.

Is appyeet safe

The download will start automatically as soon as you complete the task.

That’s it!

Appyeet for Android users

To download appyeet apps on an android device, the users should follow these easy steps.

Step 1:- Visit from your Phone’s internet browser.

Step 2:- Now in the search box type the name of the app that you want to download.

app yeet apk

Step 3:- Click on the app and hit the Start Installation button.

how to inject apps

Step 4:- The process is as same as for iOS devices. Just follow the instructions and enjoy the app on your device.


Appyeet has mixed reviews. It has worked for some users and not for others. So it’s difficult to say that the app is legit or not. Also, there are not enough reviews for this store. But we have checked this store personally and has worked efficiently.

Is Appyeet safe to use?

We don’t recommend using the app stores like Appyeet. If you have something important on your device then you should not install apps from this store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does appyeet Works?

Yes, it works perfectly fine if you complete the given task properly.

What are the appyeet app alternatives?

There are many alternatives to appyeet that are available in the market. Some of them are given below.

1. Appcake
2. Tweakstore

Should I download apps and games from Appyeet?

We don’t recommend downloading from appyeet or from any other stores like this. Using the hacked games can permanently ban you from the game. So, we recommend using the original versions of the app.

Thank You

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