How to apply for Scheels Credit Card Online Step by Step Guide?

 Apply for Scheels Credit Card Online – Requirements & fees

Scheel’s credit card is a very beneficial card to be used for spending money. It can be also called a reward credit card because when you use a this card, every time you spend a dollar you get 3 reward points. Once you reach 25000 reward points you get $25 or equivalent coupons and discounts. Now, let us know about the stepwise process of applying for this Credit card.

How to apply for Scheels Credit Card Online?

Applying for a Scheel card is not a difficult task, in fact by just following some simple steps you can have your own credit card. Let us take a look at that:

Step 1: Search for the official website of the Scheel company. You can click on above apply now button.

Step 2: Once you are on the home page of Scheel’s website, click on the apply now button as shown below.

Scheels Credit Card

Step 3: If you already have your account, you can apply and get your credit card. If you do not have an account, then click on the “create an account”/ “register” option.

Credit Card 01

Step 4: Fill in the necessary information that is asked in the form.

apply now form

Step 5: Once you are done, click on the “Sign me in” button, and you are ready with your own Scheel account.

form fill

Step 6: Now go to the home page and sign in using your email, and you will get your own Scheel Credit card.


All you need to apply for the Scheel Credit card is the basic information

  • Personal Information: your contact number, Email ID, Birthdate, and username
  • Residential information: Present Address, alternative address (optional), city, zip code, and landmark.
  • Income proof: (optional) that must include your SSN and bank details.

Annual fees

Scheel credit card comes with an annual fee of $0. Yes, unlike any other credit that on average come with an annual fee of $25, you do not have to pay anything for the annual fees for a Scheel credit card. 

Credit Limit

There is no specific credit limit for this credit card. However, it is good to keep your credit score above 600. Initially, you will have to keep $500-$5000 for the smooth functioning of the card. 

Scheel Visa Credit Card Benefits

Here are some of the amazing benefits of using this credit card:

  • Get bonus points and rewards
  • Get amazing rewards for 25000 points
  • Get exclusive discounts and offers
  • Special offers on birthdays

Contact Details

You can visit the contact us page on the official website (click here). You can even contact them by visiting the store. Once you are on their service page, you will find FAQs and their solutions, or you can contact them via mail or call them.


What bank Issues Scheels Visa Credit Card?

First National bank of Omaha issued the Scheel credit card.

Can you use Scheels credit card anywhere?

You can use this credit cards at Scheel stores, but you can use its gift cards anywhere for everyday purchases.


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