Pre-TSA Application Eligibility & Requirements (Complete Guide)

Do you have any information on the TSA PreCheck program? The TSA PreCheck program helps travelers speed through certain security checkpoints over more than 200 US airports. Travelers are too frustrated while going through security lines, but by signing with TSA PreCheck, they can save their efforts and time at airport security.

How much time can they save from TSA PreCheck? According to the reports, around 97% of passengers with TSA PreCheck only wait for less than 5 minutes at security lines. Having signed in to TSA PreCheck, travelers can easily use the dedicated security lines, leave the liquid material at airports, and keep laptops in their bags.

These benefits are available at more than 200 airports while flying on dozens of airlines. Keep reading the article to learn about TSA, eligibility criteria, requirements, how to apply for TSA pre-approved, and many more.

Pre-TSA Application

What is TSA?

TSA ( Transportation safety administration) has been creating an agency within transportation departments to respond to the tragic events of 11 September 2001. Later, it is moved to the homeland security department, where it is currently operating.

The main function of this agency is to give security to the commercial airport industry, including the travelers’ screening process. TSA uses some additional security measures at airports.

What does pre-approved TSA mean?

Pre-approved TSA is one of the best-trusted traveler programs. Pre-approved TSA is intended for business and personal travelers. This TSA program started in October 2011 and allowed the TSA to improve its security screening process for low-risk low-risk travelers.

Pre-approved TSA program is different from other trusted traveler programs because the pre-approved TSA is operated by the TSA (Transportation security administration). In contrast, the other trusted traveler program is operated by Customs and border protection of the US.

How do you know if you are TSA pre-approved?

It is determined that many applicants of TSA PreCheck application get the approval in 3-5 days, but sometimes the application takes up to 60 days.

If you are TSA pre-approved, you will automatically get updates on your to enroll application status through phone, email, text, or online checking.

How to Apply for Pre-TSA Application?

If you want to apply for a Pre TSA application at the official website, you have to follow all the steps below.

1. Visit the TSA official website.

First, you should visit the official website. Once you reach the homepage, click on the apply button in red color showing in the middle of the homepage. After clicking, you will reach the first page of the application form, which asks you to enter basic information.

2. Complete the application

You have to go through every page of the pre-TSA application. It is easy to fill in the information in the application, and it will take you more than 15 minutes.

3. Schedule the appointment for an in-person interview

The next step in the pre-TSA application process is to choose the location where you want to schedule the in-person interview. Here you will search the location near you and check how many slots are available to hold an appointment in the next 45 days. After the location, choose the time and date to schedule the in-person interview.

4. In-person interview

At this stage, you must bring some important documents, including two forms of your identification, a passport, a driver’s license, etc. You should also carry your credit card to pay the TSA PreCheck application fees.

5. Wait for an update

Next, you must wait for the first 3-5 days after the in-person interview or wait up to 90 days to get the approval notification of a pre-TSA application.

6. Add the known traveler number to frequent flyer accounts

Once you get the approval notifications, you can get your traveler number. You should add your traveler number to your flyer account in order to get benefits.

What documents are required?

While traveling in the US, you must carry a different identification form. In order to fill out the application for the TSA PreCheck program, you must carry the following important documents.

It is important to carry all the documents below because it helps to increase your chances of getting approval from the TSA PreCheck application.

  • US passport card
  • US passport
  •  Border crossing card
  • Permanent resident card
  • Canadian provincial driven license
  •  Northern and Indian affairs Canada card
  •  HSPD 12 PIV card
  • DHS trusted traveler cards
  • US citizenship and immigration services authorization card
  •  Driver’s license and photo ID cards.


If you travel anywhere, you should sign up for the TSA PreCheck program to ensure the airport security screening process is less painful. It is important to have access to the TSA PreCheck application because it helps to make your return to the US easier.


Is pre-TSA worth it?

Yes, pre-TSA is a valuable tool that saves your frustration and time at airport security lines. If you sometimes miss your flight due to the long screening process of security, then you better know how important it is some time to go through the airport security process quickly.

What do you need for the TSA precheck application?

You must have your unexpected driver’s license and active photo ID card, which are issued by federal or state possession of the US, to apply for a TSA pre-check application.

How much is the TSA pre-check application?

The cost of the TSA Precheck application is $85 for a membership period of 5 years. This is an initial application fee. After paying this fee, you should pay the TSA Precheck renewal fee, which is $70.

When can you apply for TSA precheck?

The application for TSA pre-check is available when you depart from the US airport to a foreign country and for connecting domestic flights after returning to the United States.

How long does TSA pre-application take?

Many applicants apply for TSA pre-application and can get the approval notifications within 3-5 days. But some TSA pre-check applications also take up to 60 days.


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