How to Apply for Old Navy Credit Card Online Step By Step Guide?

An old navy card is literally a reward credit card. Old navy credit card is owned by a company named GAP. Hence, you can use the navy credit card on all the platforms under the GAP organization. 

The reason why it is called a rewarding card is that you will get $5 every time you collect 5000 credit points. You can get exclusive discounts of up to 20% on GAP products. The more you spend on navy credit cards, the more you earn.

How to apply for an Old Navy Credit Card Online?

Here are a few simple steps to apply for an old navy credit card:

Step 1: Go to your browser and search for the official website of the navy card. You can click here to open the official navy website.

Step 2: You will see a page asking you to fill in various information related to the application of the credit card.

Apply for Old Navy Credit Card

Step 3: step by step fill in all your information, like your personal details, income details, and details related to the credit card. By filling up the form, you will automatically apply for an old navy credit card. 

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In order to fill the application form, you have to submit your personal information, like your contact number, SSN, and other bank details. Another requirement for an old navy credit card is to have a good credit score. Generally, a credit score above 600 will be considered a good credit score.

Annual Fees

One of the key features of using an old navy card is that it has less maintenance. With less maintenance, we refer, you do not have to pay anything for an old navy credit card. So, the annual fee for an old navy card is $0.

Contact Details

There are various ways to contact Synchrony bank, you can use the mail, official website, or you can just call:  866-450-8389. 

Credit Limit

When you are a new holder of the navy credit card, your credit limit is up to $300. As you use your card more and maintain a good credit score, your limit can be extended up to $1000. In short, the range of credit limit is $300 to $1000. 


Here are some advantages of using an old navy credit card

  • Get 20% to 30% discount on your very first purchase
  • Earn $5 on every 5000 points
  • Get 5 points on every $1 you spend
  • Get exclusive offers
  • Get access to limited offers
  • No annual fees
  • High security, no frauds


Lowest credit score for Old Navy credit card

620 is the lowest credit score.

Where can I use my old navy credit card?

You can use your old navy credit card at all the GAP stores and platforms. You can even use the navy credit card at all navy, republic, and factory stores. Furthermore, you can even use it for online purchases of GAP, Factory, Republic, and Navy platforms.


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