Victoria’s Secret Job Application [2023] (Complete Guide)

We have all dreamt of walking down the ramp in a Victoria Secret’s show or at least working under such a vast and robust roof of the leading clothing and lingerie brand in The States. Not only is it a heaven on earth for models all across the globe, but it also offers an opportunity for a wide range of other jobs such as seasonal associates, managers, sales generalists, etc which sums up to 85% of the company. 

That brings us to,

Who is applicable for Victoria’s job?

Victoria’s Secret Job Application

All the youngsters have the urge to work in association with ‘THE’ Victoria’s Secret, but not everyone is eligible to work here. With that said, let’s have a look at the requirements :

  •  Age requirements: The minimum age to work under the company is set at 18. The upper limit is not officially specified but it is around 38-40 to make a guess.
  • Degrees: It varies from store to store and also from the position to position. But one must have completed at least high school.
  • Skills for the store: If you are applying for an in-store job, you should consider mastering your communication and convincing skills. To coin a fancy phrase, you need to have a good grip on the art of persuasion.
  • Skills for the company: Having a basic knowledge of trading, computer skills and job management may be of use.

How to apply for Victoria’s Secret job?

To apply and find job vacancies, visit and click on the careers tab. You will find the vacancies and job requirements specified there. You can also filter your search through your city, position, etc to have a clearer vision.

What are the salary details of Victoria’s Secrets?

While the salary at Victoria’s Secret may vary depending on the position you are working at, it also can be calculated by the hours you are working for. The average hourly salary may start from $10 and go all the way up to $22.

What are the job facilities at Victorias Secret?

We know that it is a job of honor and excites us the most, it also has many perks of its own.

Let’s Dive in

  • Victoria’s Secrets offer flexible work hours.
  • Vs has a paid time off policy and also offers paid sick days and vacancies.
  • 401(k) plans for those who can qualify
  • The most important one, is they have healthcare coverage. Added to that, they provide medical and dental insurance.


Is it hard to get a job at Victoria’s Secret?

Well, there is a lot of competition, to say the least, but they have a very clear filtering-out policy. We would say it is not hard, but it is competitive to be very precise. Though there are many positions and jobs, but there are job seekers who are twice in number.

How to check Victoria’s secret job application status?

You can have a look at how far your job application has gone. To check, go to and log in using your application ID into the job portal. View the My Application Tab. You can even call or visit their store to have a better insight.

It is better to try your luck than just imagine the consequences. So, hurry and have your CV ready to dive in!


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