Tractor Supply Credit Card Application Apply Online

The Tractor Supply credit card is a favorable proposition for those who frequently shop from Tractor supply outlets. Throughout the nation, the Tractor Supply has 1700 stores and the card offers a 5% rebate on purchases made above $1599. Ideally one can save $79.95 straight on any purchases made amounting to $1599.

How to Apply for Tractor Supply Credit Card Application?

The Tractor Supply credit card application can be made in the following way.

Step 1- Visit the official website of Tractor Supply and scroll down a bit to locate the Apply Today tab.

tractor supply credit card application

Step 2- Fill in the details as shown below in the screenshot.

tractor supply credit card apply online

Step 3- In the next segment, fill in your address.

credit card limit

Step 4- You need to incorporate your payment and annual income details in this segment.

credit score

Step 5- Review all the details and then read all the details properly. Further click the checkboxes provided here, and then click on the Submit tab to complete the application form.

tractor supply card benefits

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Application Requirements

Few requirements that you need to complete include the ones mentioned below.

  1. You must have the SSN that you need to incorporate in the form.
  2. Your net annual income must also be incorporated.
  3. You must have a residential address, a valid mail address, and a telephone number for reference.
  4. You will require a credit score of 640 to apply for the credit card.
  5. You must be 18 years of age and above when applying for the Tractor Supply card.

Annual fees

They have no annual fee on the Tractor Supply card.

Credit Limit

The credit limit varies from person to person and is determined based on the applicant’s creditworthiness, net annual income, and debt issues in the market.

Tractor Supply Credit Card Benefits

The credit card offers several benefits that must be considered when thinking of applying for the card.

  1. Birthday offers and gifts
  2. Same day delivery assurances
  3. Standard shipping for free for purchases that are $29 or more
  4. No return receipts for your purchases
  5. If no promotional card purchase is made then a 5% return is possible as part of their reward scheme.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can a Tractor supply credit card be used anywhere?

It is an in-store credit card and can be used only in individual Tractor Supply stores both online and offline.

What bank issues Tractor supply credit card?

The Tractor Supply card is given out by Citigroup.


Here’s a bit about the credit card and if you are trying to find out more on how to apply to Tractor Supply, you can read it from here.


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