Progressive Leasing Application Eligibility & Benefits [2023 Guide]

Progressive leasing is a platform that provides flexible lease-to-own purchase options to its customers. For the record, it works by lending its customers even if they have bad credit or are unable to pay for their item in full advance. Items may include personal, family, or household usage and are offered for lease-to-own through Progressive Leasing.

Progressive is now the country’s largest and most experienced virtual lease-to-own company.

What is Progressive Leasing?

Progressive Leasing

Progressive leasing is the largest and longest-tenured virtual lease-to-own provider in the United States. It is owned by the subsidiary of Aaron’s Inc. It is especially for those who don’t have the full credit of paying for the item or the product, progressive leasing gives the products on lease to them. You can take advantage of this leasing program by shopping at your favorite store for everything from furniture to TV sets. You can even set up automatic payments that fit into your budget too. And according to your convenience, you can pay later. 

Progressive leasing allows you to shop at your favorite stores and enjoy affordable lease-to-own purchase options with no credit needed.

How to apply for Progressive leasing application?

In progressive leasing, appliances, furniture, jewelry, electronics, mattresses, mobile devices and accessories, musical instruments, and other products are all eligible. This means you can get all these products at lease via progressive leasing, which is, you can get these products from your favorite store and then pay later for them. 

If you wish to apply for the progressive leasing program here is how you can do it. Listed below are the three ways to choose from and you may apply accordingly-

  1. With the help of the online method: in this, you need to visit the official website of Progressive leasing by typing “progressive leasing” in the google search box of your browser. Once you land on their website, now click on the apply button available on the home page. Now fill out all the necessary information correctly in the application form.
  2. Another method is by using the official app of Progressive leasing. Install the app on your android or IOS device and then click on apply now to redirect you to the applying page of the Progressive leasing. Fill out the application with the correct details if you wish for a successful approval
  3. The third and the last way is to visit the store personally and ask an executive to set up your application for progressive leasing. 

After applying wait for the approval of your application, if you wish to check the status of your application here are two ways in which you can do it-

  1. Check for a confirmation or approval mail into our email box. The email includes your application status.
  2. Directly from the app or the website. Just log into your Progressive leasing app or website and enter the credentials to know your application status.

So, what we can see is that It is not that difficult to get your application approved as progressive leasing, since they offer you the privileges even if your credit score isn’t that fair.

What are application Requirements?

To fill out the application for the progressive leasing program one might need the following credentials if he/she wants to reap the benefit of this leasing program. Consider the pointers below:

  1. The applicant must be above or at least age 18 years.
  2. The applicant’s Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  3. The applicant’s credit or debit card details.
  4. Bank account details of the applicant.

Who is Eligible?

Anybody who is of age 18 years or above and fulfills the below-given requirements is eligible to fill out the application form for progressive leasing.

  1. Valid Social Security Number (SSN) or ITIN.
  2. Legitimate credit or debit card details.
  3. Registered bank account details.


For the record, there are a ton of benefits to progressive leasing. It provides items on lease to those who do not have the full credit to pay for the item or thing outright. You may take advantage of this leasing scheme by shopping for anything- be it furniture to television sets from your favorite retailer. You may also set up automatic payments that are budget-friendly. You can pay later according to your convenience.

The best part, you can take advantage of low-cost lease-to-own alternatives with no credit check.


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