NI Direct High Street voucher Application Registration process

What is high street voucher?

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the non-essential goods and hospitality businesses hard. The current online shopping spree trends impacted High Streets and various town centers even before the pandemic hit them. The MasterCard is designed with the hope that it will help recover the economy during these challenging times. Almost 145m pounds are being invested in the scheme.

The cards are supposed to arrive within 7-10 days from the application. The cards can be used wherever there is a card reading machine except in casinos, other gambling units and is strictly prohibited from use online.

The phone application is opening from 11th October for those who cannot access the internet. Online and phone application processes would be open until the 25th of October. 

Almost 90 000 applications are processed, and 200 994 links have been issued to date.

How to get ni direct high street voucher application form online?

NI Direct High Street voucher Application Registration

The NI direct High Street Voucher application form is found online in this link NI Direct link here.

How to register or apply for northern ireland Ni high street voucher scheme online?

If you are wondering about the NI voucher scheme 2021 how to apply online, you must read the procedure below. For NI direct High Street voucher scheme registration, these are the steps you need to take.

  • Visit this link.
  • Enter your corresponding email address. 
  • Next, add your name, birth date, North Ireland address, gender, disability, NI number, driving license number, disability status, and mobile phone and email address.
  • Once you fill and submit the application, you’ll receive an email confirming the application receipt.
  • After identity confirmation, your details will be sent to the pre-paid card provider. An email will also be sent to you confirming the registration process is completed.

How to ni direct high street application download online?

There is no formal tab for downloading the NI direct High Street application online while doing the NI direct voucher scheme register online process. Instead, you can click on the print tab after completing the application and, through a PDF option, download it in your system indirectly.

How to check ni direct high street scheme application status?

There is no provision to check for the NI Direct High Street application process. Once your application has been verified with the electoral list, driving license authority, and vehicle agency, you will receive a mail for them.

If your application is rejected, you will still receive an email wherein you would be informed via email about the same. Additionally, you will be given a chance to upload more information that can help validate your request.

NI direct online portal link

The first cards will be issued from 4th October, and applications for the online portal for the High Street voucher opened on 27th September. All cards issued will expire after the end of November 2021.

The NI direct online portal link is given here.


  1. Almost anyone above the age group of 18 can apply for these cards in Northern Ireland. There alone, nearly 1.4 million people would be eligible for the cards. 
  2. You will also require a valid email ID.
  3. The National Insurance number (NIC) is required to apply online for the cards.
  4. Your name must be included in the electoral register.


The card allows you to shop from High Street centers as these shopping centers have been poorly hit by the online spread of business and the COVID-19 situation.

NI direct contact number

The NI Direct contact number is 0300 123 6262 / 02895 908459 the functions are Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and on Friday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Application Deadline

The NI direct voucher scheme application is open till 25th October 2021 and is the last day for filing requests for telephonic and online services.


This is all about the High street voucher scheme Northern Ireland for applying online, contributing to the Christmas shopping season. The Ministry of Economy Gordon Lyons is himself endorsing the scheme. Anyone in Northern Ireland who is not serving a sentence above 18 years of age can apply for the scheme.

Once the applications are accepted, you can definitely expect to receive the card. However, a delay in dispatch is noticed whereby many people are complaining they have still not received the card. But, the company confirms anyone eligible would receive the card and would have almost four weeks for shopping.


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