Dream Act Application Eligibility & Requirements Guide (2023)?

Education provides stability in life. A nation with an educated workforce grows in the economy. But unfortunately, proper education where no obstacle is holding you back is still a dream for many students in California. To help such students, the Dream Act is initiated by the US government.

As Ex-President of the US, Obama addressed in his speech, “Students who would benefit from the Dream Act act as our future teachers, doctors, nurses, and lawyers.” 

Let’s know about the Dream Act in detail.

What is the Dream Act application?

Dream Act Application

Dream Act Application provides students with financial aid. They can be admitted to California colleges, universities, and other education programs by applying for state financial aid. 

It was first introduced in 2001 to help undocumented immigrant students with proper education. America is a populous country where lakhs of children migrate. However, they cannot afford to study and are left behind due to a lack of resources, documents, and wealth. 

To rescue such children from the traps of poverty they might suffer in the future, the senate leadership, committee chairs, and President Obama backed the Dream Act. 

How to apply for Dream Act Application?

The Dream Act isn’t a legal process. It is a way to help immigrants and dreamers achieve the education of their dreams. Here’s how you can apply for Dream Act Application:

  • Visit the ‘https://dream.csac.ca.gov’ website. Before applying, candidates must check the last date of admission.
  • The page will take you to the official Dream Act website. Enter your details correctly in the form.
  • Enter a username and create a strong password, as it will help you access additional information in the future.
  • Interested students must submit their school-certified GPA to the California Student Aid Commission. It is necessary as your application can be considered for Cal Grant.
  • You will receive a notification on the provided email. Stay alert regarding the UC Campus requests. 

What are the application requirements?

Thousands of undocumented immigrants qualify for the Dream Act Program each year. If you want to be included in this number, here are all the Dream Act Application requirements you need to need to know:

  1. Students should have three years of attendance in any course which includes:
  • California high school
  • California adult school
  • Non-credit courses from the California Community College
  • Credit courses from the California Community College

2.      If students don’t have attendance for three years straight in the courses mentioned above, they can opt for three years of attendance in:

  • California Elementary school
  • California Secondary school

3.     Applicants should be graduated from California high school to seek financial state aid for higher studies.

  1. Candidates have an associate degree from a California community college.
  2. Students must produce nonimmigrant visas. 

If students fulfill all the requirements, they can apply for the Dream Act. 

Who is eligible?

Are you interested in acquiring higher education in California and increasing the possibility of landing a dream job, but immigrant status is a barrier? Well, Dream Act is launched just for you. This fantastic opportunity is open to US citizens and non-US citizens. Read further to know your eligibility in the program: 

  • Applicants must have lawful immigration status, i.e., T-Visa and U-Visa. 
  • They should produce Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
  • A permanent residence in NYS. 
  • If you don’t have a permanent home in NYS, you can verify your US citizenship for the program, or else, the program will apply to you only if you are a Paroled Refugee.
  • Applicants producing NYS home proof should have been located in their permanent home before 12 months of application. 
  • The students who live with their parents need to submit the family’s address proof.
  • You have attended at least two years of education at NYS high school and are a graduate.
  • Maintain a high school diploma.

How much is the Dream Act Application?

The government offers state financial aid to non-residents applying under AB 131, AB 540, AB 2000, and SB 60. 

Another remarkable aspect of the application is that it is entirely free. Whether you apply online or offline via paper, you don’t have to pay a single penny to enter into the Dream Act program. 

To know more about how the state financial aid or if you have any queries, you can contact the Financial Aid Administrator. They are open to solving students’ questions and administering them better. You can make a call to CSAC at 888-224-7268. For more information, visit the ‘www.caldreamact.org’ website.

How to check California Dream Act Application status?

Once you have applied for the Dream Act Program and are perfectly eligible, your application will be reviewed and verified by CSAC. Therefore, it is essential that candidates only apply if they are 100% qualified, or else their application will be discarded.

The selection is also based on a formula that CSAC uses to calculate Expected Family Contribution.

Initially, the developments will be shared with the list of schools you entered in the application. Furthermore, go to the ‘dream.csac.ca.gov’ website after 28 days of application submission.

If you are uncomfortable checking online, call the CSAC to check the status. 


More than 65,000 students register for the Dream Act and accomplish their dreams. The immigrant children or refugees fear living in the US all their lives, where some people disregard calling them their own. The same cycle is continuous at the education centers. However, the Dream Act benefits such children who acquire higher education without hesitation or bias. Even today, lakhs of people dare to dream and, thus, are enrolling in this program.


Is the dream act still available?

Dream Act application has been available since 2001. Any undocumented immigrant student applies for the program.

When is the dream act application due?

Every year, the students must fill out the application before March 2. Then, post-March 2, they can apply to other financial aid programs.

Where can I renew my dream act application?

As per the latest developments, candidates can renew their applications online. They must make a USCIS online account and fill out Forms I-821D (DACA) and I-765.

Can dream act students apply for FAFSA?

Dream Act Students cannot apply for FAFSA. However, if you possess social security numbers, file separately for Free Application for Federal Student Aid at ‘www.fafsa.ed.gov’.


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