City of Chicago Moves Gas Card Application Eligibility Guide

Wars can be devastating for the world economy and such a situation is being observed currently as the aftermath of the Russia Ukraine war is wreaking havoc. Crude oil was exported from Russia but due to the current US and other nation sanctions, the crude oil is no longer available abundantly.

This particular situation has triggered an increase in fuel prices almost everywhere in the world.

Several governments are responding to it differently and each of these is trying to find a real-world solution for their people.

Responding to this crisis in Chicago is being dealt with by the issuance of gas cards and permit cards.

The Mayor announced that applications for the gas card and permit card will open from 25th April 2022. The card is supposed to be given to people selected in a lucky draw to be held every first few days of the month.

If you have already applied for their card in the previous month, you do not need to send the applications again. Instead, they will get auto pulled from the list of people who did not get through the lucky draw in the previous month.

Almost 50000 cards will be given out by the Federal government. Out of these, 75% of the cards are being aimed at people who face acute difficulties in terms of travel. Rest 25% of the cards will be distributed to every county unanimously across 20 wards.

The card will be accepted in 417 gas stations and another six of them have not been accepted due to some issues with those gas stations.

People can expect to get the $150 gas cards or the $50 Ventra cards from May to September.

How to apply for City of Chicago moves Gas card application?

City of Chicago Moves Gas Card

If you wish to go for the city of Chicago gas card application or Ventra card, you need to move ahead in the following ways.

  • Go online and apply through their website.
  • Mail them the downloaded application form to their address: ATTN: Dept. Of Finance: Chicago Moves, 121 N. Lasalle St., Floor 7, Chicago IL, 60602.
  • Physically visit any of their libraries nearby your place and complete the application form.

For their online city of Chicago gas card application form, visit this link to start the application.

  • Specify your preference in terms of the card type you need from the two options- the gas card or the transit card.
  • The next specification you need to make is in terms of how you wish to receive your credit card.
  • Scroll down further on the same page and fill out essential information like name, permanent address including essential household information.

Click on the Submit tab to complete the city of Chicago gas card application process.

What are application requirements?

To get the Chicago Gas card, you must fulfill the following conditions.

  1. Be at least 18 years of age and above.
  2. You need to have a city sticker that is valid today containing a valid mailing address.
  3. The officials will match your income with the income of the surroundings of a particular country and it should not be more than 100% Area Median Income.

Who is eligible?

To prove your eligibility criteria, fulfill the following conditions for the city of Chicago gas card application.

  • A working email address for future communication.
  • You must also fill in the complete mailing address in the application form
  • The household income of the family must also be incorporated.

Card Benefits

With the help of the Chicago gas and Ventra cards, you can hope to combat your fuel bills at least for a month with the help of the government run program.

Monetary assistance even for a month can benefit your household in some or the other way.

How does Chicago gas card application work?

This is how the city of Chicago gas card application works.

  • The first one will need to fill out the application form.
  • After submitting, the application will go through several rounds of scrutiny.
  • If you are found eligible, your name will be included in the lottery list for the month. If already the lottery list is selected, your name will be parked for being included in the next month’s lottery draw.
  • After the lottery draw is over, and if your name is selected, you will get a mail confirming your status.
  • The gas card or the Ventra card will be messaged to you in a 7-10 day span post this period.


How many gas stations are in Chicago?

The city of Chicago gas card is approved for use in 417 gas stations and almost 6 gas stations are left out from the list due to certain discrepancies with them.

What is City of Chicago gas card giveaway?

The Mayor of Chicago plans to give off $150 gas cards and $50 Ventra cards to people who travel daily and burn a big hole in their pockets due to their frequent travel requirements. They must also be from the economically challenged segments of Chicago if they wish to receive the gas cards.


If you want to apply for the gas card from Chicago, you must go through the details present in this article. Learn more about the essential information from here before moving ahead with it.


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