DV lottery 2023 online-Application Form

what is www.dvlottery.state.gov 2023 application form?

The DV Lottery is for those countries which have a poor US immigration rate. Through the diversity immigration visa, one can go to the United States and apply for permanent resident status, also known as the green card.

The DV lottery program is a free process, and anyone meeting the eligibility requirements can take up a DV lottery ticket.

How to apply for DV lottery 2023 online?

One must fill the DV lottery 2023 online application form from the given site.

dv lottery online application
  1. Visit the DV lottery site from the browser and then complete the captcha verification process.
  2. The online form requires filling in basic information like name, gender, birth date, city and country of birth, state if your country is eligible for the DV lottery, and fill in the passport details.
  3. Upload your photograph, add the address, phone and email details, country of current residence, highest qualification level, marital status, number of children, and then click on the Continue tab.
  4. Fill in the next set of information and then submit your application form.

DV lottery 2023 application form online Requirements?

The DV lottery 2023 online application can be filled only by those who fulfill the requirements.

  1. Candidates applying for this DV lottery must belong to nations listed on the DV lottery website.
  2. While submitting the lottery entry package, the candidate’s photographs must be added in suitable segments. These photographs must not be more than six months old. If the person submits the same photograph in two different years, they will be disqualified.
  3. The person must be a high school pass out or at least have two years of work experience to apply for the DV lottery scheme.
  4. The individual must hold a passport, and those who are stateless are given some exceptions.

How to get DV lottery 2023 registration form?

The paper application form is not available right now, and people must register themselves online by filling the e-DV website application form. People can enter only one application, and multiple entries can make the applicant ineligible. 

How to do www.dvlottery.state.gov 2023 online registration?

Visit the site and then add the entry details. Upload your photograph and then submit the application form. The entries are limited to only a certain number of days. Follow the instructions provided in the above sections.

How to DV Lottery 2023 results check?

DV Lottery 2023 status check can be done from the given link. Add the entrant confirmation number, last name, birth year, and fill the captcha after clicking on the Continue tab. Further, submit the DV Lottery information.

when can i apply for DV lottery 2023?

It begins from 6th October at noon EDT and will close on 9th November at noon EST.

is DV lottery 2023 open?

Yes, right now, DV Lottery is open and accepting applications.


If you are from developing nations like Bangladesh and look forward to setting foot in the United States, try the DV Lottery program. Almost 50,000 immigrants are admitted every year through the lottery scheme. Read this article to know more about the application process and dates.


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