App Free Download For iOS, Android | Among Us App Free Download for android, iOS, ipad: The Digital platform is a hub of a variety of practical and useful applications. A similar one which we would discuss about in this article is the app. The app is an online library that offers many free mobile and PC apps, games for downloading to its users.

app library ios app

Applications that are not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store are even readily available in the applibrary iOS app. The variety includes apps related to gaming, music, videos, entertainment, photography, and a lot more.

Many people also want to know is Applibrary safe or is legit? In this article, I will clear all your doubts and give you users reviews about this app.

App library iOS Android App amoung us mod

After visiting the website, users can download free apps within a few simple clicks. The website asks the users to fulfill certain tasks in order to download any chosen application. Once the user clicks on a particular app, it displays a download prompt, which asks the users to follow certain instructions.

And after clicking on Download needed, users are re-directed to a specific page where they need to fulfill device verification. In order to verify, they need to complete three offers, including collection rewards, playing games, and fulfilling tasks. 

You can also install famous iOS apps and games, android apps like pokemon go, Shopify, applibrary among us, animal crossing etc.

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Is a scam?

As per various website research and studies, the android is not at all a safe and suitable way of downloading applications. The reports and claims of it are a scam and proven right at various digital media platforms. As per real-time user reviews, the is a malicious website that tricks its user into downloading apps that carry malware. It also tricks users into buying unwanted apps, products, and services.

Various suffered users have claimed that the app is dubious and is not genuine at all. Also, the claims to be one of the high in-demand applications; however, it ranks 0 score points on Alexa, which clearly shows how non-demanded it is. Even it has such low visitors per day that Alexa too is unable to find a correct rank for it.

Does app work?

A search bar has been provided at the homepage of, where users can type and search for their requirements. Also, a pre-sorted list has been given from where one can randomly pick and download any app into their mobile phones or PC.

The app library ios 14 application does works for downloading apps, however being a legit scam, it is advisable to the user not using it. Before using any such application, it is crucial to do in-depth research in order to remain safe from any misleading or scam.

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