How much does Apple music pay per stream [2024]?

Do you like to get Apple music streaming services? Apple Music is one of the well-known streaming services platforms. You can access to a number of your favorite music and playlists at apple music. 

It is the best way to heal yourself by enjoying the music at Apple music. Many artists in the world earn royalties from Apple music streaming services. How much does Apple music pay artists in 2024 for every stream?

The average pay by apple music on every stream rate lies between $.007 and $0.01. The royalties of streaming are calculated based on stream sharing. The value of every stream differs by listener country and subscription plan. However, on average, Apple Music will pay $0.01 per stream in 2024.

It means what the listeners get paid from apple music per stream differs, but the more you get, the more you earn on every stream. Different level artists and listeners from different countries earned different amounts of royalties from apple music streams.

In this article, we will tell you how much apple music pays per stream, in different countries, like the UK, the US, South Africa, India, etc. Read the article completely to know the different pay rates by apple music in different countries.

How much does Apple music pay per stream?

Apple music pay per stream

In Nigeria

As technology continues to affect the music industry with easy music access, Nigerian artists are earning better streaming royalty through digital distribution platforms.

The industry has rapidly moved to stream platforms, such as Apple music pay, Spotify, etc. Many streamed artists in Nigeria have compiled apple music on chart position. At the top of the chart is adekunle Gold, followed by wizkid, joe boy, davido, and FireBoyDML.

According to insights into apple music pay, the average rate of apple music pay per stream is $0.01. It means the stream artists have to pay the total amount of $10,000 on 1 million streams.

In South Africa

How much should you pay for apple pay per stream in South Africa in 2024? The royalties are indeed calculated from apple pay streaming services, based on stream share, but it still has the values. The apple pay company has stated the average rate per stream in publicly, is $0.01

In the UK

There are many artists in Uk, who can earn a good income from streaming music, named apple music. One of the best streaming services online is apple music. Apple Music is one of the well-known streaming services in the UK. Apple Music pays UK artists for every stream. According to the 2024 analysis, Apple music artists in Uk can earn an average of 12,000 pounds on 12 million streams.

In the US

According to the figures for this year, 2024, the US apple pay-per-stream rate is $0.00735. In the letters sent to publishers and labels and posted on the artist dashboard on the platform, apple music declared that they now pay one cent on every stream on an average basis.

On the other hand, if we talk about the 1 million streams, South African artists can earn an average of $7000 to $10,000 per million streams.

In India

As we tell you, the average pay rate by apple music on every stream is $0.01. If we talk about India, apple music pays $0.01 to  Indian artists on every stream. So, it means that one stream earns 1 penny for Indian artists.

So, it is clear that Apple Music pays the $0.01 average per stream to Indian artists. You should also know about the subscription plan of apple music streaming services, which is Rs. 99.

Apple Music pays per stream vs. Spotify.

Apple pay and Spotify are both considered top streaming platforms for enjoying music. The best thing is that both platforms allow the listeners to earn on every stream. Let us take a look at which platform pays you more. It has been determined that the fluctuations frequently come in pay-per-stream on apple music.

So the fact is that Apple Music pays more to artists than Spotify? Spotify streaming platform pays $0.003 to $0.005 to artists on every stream. On the other hand, Apple Music pays $0.006 to $0.01 to listeners on every stream.

Even though Apple Music pays more than Spotify, Spotify is still considered a better and superior streaming platform for listeners to promote music. You can easily enhance the ability to gain streams on Spotify. This platform outweighs the small increase on every stream you gain with apple music.

The best thing about Spotify is that the listeners can easily find and discover new music on Spotify and earn on every stream. In short, the Spotify streaming platform is superior to others due to its large user base, power, and discoverability tools, which allow artists to promote their music.

Again, if we come back to apple music Vs. Spotify, it is hard to choose any of the best options among them. Based on pay-per-stream, Apple Music pays more to listeners than Spotify. But it is not the end. Every different platform has its own benefits.

For instance, Apple Music pays more for streams. It means you can easily earn more money by enjoying the music on apple music. But Spotify has brought more opportunities for listeners. It provides the chance to artists to promote their music on official playlists. In this way, Spotify allows artists to increase their discoverability and gain more audience on their playlists.

In this way, both the platform, apple music and Spotify, ensure to increase the boosting music system of artists, one by promoting the music on playlists or the other by paying more for every stream.

Apple Music pays per 1000 streams.

Apple Music streaming platform pays $6 to $ 10 to artists on 1000 streams. As we tell you already, the values frequently fluctuate based on total streams and artists who listen to the music on apple music.

If people from wealthier countries listen to your promoted music, and most listeners enjoy the music with a paid plan, you can easily earn more money per stream.


When it comes to paying, the more streams you generate for music on apple music, the more chances you have to increase the royalty income from streaming platforms. It will help to fulfill the average pay-per-stream rate.

Does apple music pay for streams?

Yes, apple music pays listeners on every stream. According to the 2024 analysis, Apple Music pays an average rate of $0.01 to listeners.

How much money does 1 million Apple Music streams make?

Apple Music pays $7000 to $10,000 per stream to listeners. With apple pay, you can easily earn $84,000 to $1,20,000 in a year if you generate 1 million streams monthly.

Who pays more for Spotify or Apple Music?

Apple Music pays more than Spotify per stream. Apple Music pays $0.01 per stream, whereas Spotify pays $0.0033 per stream to listeners. So, it concludes that Apple MusicC pays more than Spotify

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