App connect Volkswagen for Android (Setup VW App Connect)

Right where you sit in your Volkswagen, you can get access to apps which you would usually use regularly.

What is app connect Volkswagen?

Now with the car net app connect Volkswagen, you can easily get access to a few selected apps even when driving.

The apps are transmitted right into the infotainment system and to it, you can add music, news, maps or audiobooks.

app connect volkswagen

How to set up an app connect Volkswagen?

There are three interfaces- Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Mirror Link used by Ready 2 Discover, Discover Media, Discover Pro navigation systems. 

CarPlay can be connected from the phone directly to the car and the apps authorized would be detected automatically by the system. All you need to do is connect the phone to Car Play through a cable.

Use three simple steps given below;

  • Check the compatibility of the models with We Connect Go.
  • Download the We Connect Go app from Appstore or Google Playstore. All you need is a Volkswagen data cable.
  • Search for a dealer of Volkswagen, get a data cable, and plug it into the OBD2 interface present in the footwell of the car.
  • After connecting the data cable connect your car to the smartphone and confirm the step within the app.

How to use Volkswagen app connect?

To use the Volkswagen VW app connect, follow the below procedure.

  • Connect your phone to the Volkswagen app.
  • Once you connect you can see the apps permitted by Car Play which is often from the 2016 models.
  • The permitted apps include hands-free text message send and receive, calls (using Siri), music, phone, podcasts, maps and audiobooks.


  • Accessing phone calls and messaging has been made easier by Volkswagen. You need not anymore hold the phone in your hands while driving and also messaging had earlier been not possible but now it is.
  • For people who don’t want to listen to music, for the first time books can be read right in the car and you don’t need to carry extra weight to read the books.


There are not many cons to using the app right now.

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