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  • What is apni kaksha app?

The Apni Kaksha app is developed by Aman Dattarwal. The app was hosted on 26th July 2021. There is also a Youtube video released with the app. The app would launch on the Playstore on 26th August 2021. According to the views and reviews as of 2nd August 2021, Playstore has fixed a rating of 4.9 for the app.

This is a premium app for students who can get access to structured content through this app.

How to Download Apni kaksha App

App Benefits

The app can help you prepare for your exams.

The content presented in the app is quite organized and coherent. The content structuring would make it easy to refer to.

The language of the content is simple and lucid. Difficult content is made easy here. So, students would facilitate from the use of the Apni Kaksha app so very well.

The app owner claims if you simply prepare what is there in the app for your syllabus you can easily score good marks in the exams.

The app is just not for reference from school students but is also for those who are studying for competitive exams.

How to Download apni kaksha app?

You can download the Apni Kaksha app from the Google Playstore. The process of downloading the app from the store is easy and the installation hardly takes more than a minute. It is a 33 MB app and in the YouTube video, you can learn about the courses.


The features of the app include the following;

  • It is a lightweight app
  • It is an app that can prepare you for your exams (NCERT or NIIT).
  • The app is extremely user-friendly.
  • It has easy access to various reading materials.


The reviews for the app are amazing and according to the Google Playstore, the app has been rated at 4.9 by the app users.

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Apni kaksha official website

There is no official website for the Apni Kaksha application.

However, it has Telegram and Instagram extensions which can be used for connecting with the app makers.

Apni kaksha net worth

It has a net worth of almost $887.77 thousand. The income source comes from the regular YouTube channel.

Apni Kaksha app coupon code

There is no coupon code required for the app. Straightaway people can log in to the landing page of the app for more details.


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