How to use & Install APEUni app on PC Android & iOS?

What is APEUni app?

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is designed to assess English efficiency for students wishing to study abroad. Several countries would consider the PTE test results for admissions to their universities. 

The APEUni app is designed to allow students to practice their English before taking the PTE tests. With the help of this app, one can practice thousands of real exam questions. The app offers a community to new individuals to freely discuss their issues within the app’s environment.

apeuni app pte exam practice

How to USE APEUni App?

Using the APEUni app is easy, and people can use it this way.

  • One must register with the app after downloading it. The app’s web browser also works well for those who do not favor downloading the app.
  • After signing in look, on the left to find out more about the Mock tests.
  • Even your study tools below can provide you with the mock test option.
  • Click on the mock test option to go through the questions present in the app.
  • Now answer the questions with real-time results that prove your competency in the subject.

How to Install APEUni App in Laptop?

The web portal is enough for using the APEUni app on your laptop. To install it, there are four primary processes to follow.

  • Download an emulator from any of your favorite emulator sites. There are many emulators available on different sites for you to choose from.
  • After downloading an emulator from the site, open Google Playstore from there.
  • From Google Playstore, search for the APEUni.
  • Tap the Install button to get the app on your computer.

How to install on android & iOS?

Android installations are easy and can be done directly by using the Google Playstore from your device.

App Features

  • With the app, practicing for PTE exams can be done for free.
  • You can also practice IELTS mock test papers offline.
  • The files uploaded here are absolutely safe and harmless.
  • A virus check is run regularly in the backend for the app.

Does APEUni App Worth it?

If you want to practice for your PTE exams for free, this is one app to use. Once you have practiced all the question papers, the PTE real question paper would become a lot easier.

Which is the best app for PTE Exam Practice?

APEUni app is one of the best sites for practicing PTE papers.

IS the APEUNi app Available for PC?

No, the APEUni web portal works for the PC, and the app version is not available. If you need the app version, you will have to download it from Google Playstore through an emulator.


APEUni app is the best possible way to practice your PTE exam papers. But read this blog to understand more about the app before moving forward with it.

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