American Eagle Application Guide (Know Requirements & Status)

The American Eagle is a famous outfit retailer brand functioning across ten countries with 1100 operational stores. The stores serve jobs to almost 39000 employees and team members and have an open job module.

Here’s more about the job application details.

How to apply for American Eagle Application?

American Eagle application

The online application process is being mentioned below.

  1. Visit the American Eagle job site, use the Search bar to add your location or keyword, and then hit the search bar.
  2. From the available job options, click on the profile that suits your needs.
  3. Go through the job description to learn more about the process.
  4. Once done, click on the Apply for job tab.
  5. Add your email address in the box and then click on the Go tab.
  6. For new user registration, create a username, password, and add an email address.
  7. Add a security question and remember the answer you have entered in this section.
  8. Click on the checkbox to accept the security terms and conditions.
  9. Add your resume or link your LinkedIn profile.
  10. Add information around your identity, educational and professional details.
  11. Press the Save and Continue tab, answer the general questions, job-specific questions, and include file attachments.
  12. Add your e-signatures and submit the application form.

What are American Eagle Application Requirements?

Two job roles might have nothing in common as far as application requirements are concerned. However, these are some of the qualities they wish to see in their applicants.

  1. Mostly enthusiastic, dependable, customer-friendly people can apply for their jobs.
  2. They also need dedicated people.
  3. Every job will etch out their qualification requirements and also the required professional skills.
  4. Different wings of American Eagle like Aviation and retail stores, will have completely different needs.

Who is Eligible for American Eagle Jobs?

Since American Eagle is present in different countries, the job requirements vary from one country to another. Eligibility varies from country to country and the level and grades of jobs.

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How to check American Eagle Application Status?

Once you have applied to American Eagle, every status change is informed to the candidate via SMS or mail. There will be no requirement to check the application status.

Even checking your status online is possible once you have created your account with them.

1) Visit their website and add your login credentials.

2) Click on the application status.

3) Add the required fields and click on the check status option.

American Eagle application process

The American Eagle application process includes several rounds of interviews and then a basic background check.

Post the process applicants, are sent an invite with a joining date.

How much does American Eagle pay per hour?

Job rates differ as per the position and the country. On average, a sales associate earns $9 per hour, and an assistant store manager might earn somewhere up to $25.

How old do you have to be to work at American Eagle Application?

According to the US laws, American Eagle applicants must be at least 16 years and above but, their Canadian counterparts have a proposed age limit of 14 years and above.


Here’s the American Eagle application process and its subsequent details. If you are not aware of some of the information, do check it out from this article.

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