How to Apply for AMCAS Application, Know Requirements & check Status

What is AMCAS application?

AMCAS is the centralized medical application school application service. Most US schools prevalently use it. AMCAS application is the primary way to enter the first-year primary classes. Most medical schools also check the student’s background before letting them admission into their schools.

AMCAS helps with your fee assistance if you apply for the program. With the money from the aid, you can submit applications with at least 20 medical schools.

They also host the early decision program that allows students to apply for a course by 1st October. This process leaves behind ample time for the students to immediately apply for other schools if not selected in the initial one. Application transcripts when applying through AMCAS need to be submitted by 1st August.

When students are applying through AMCAS their MCAT scores are sent directly to the schools where the student has applied. If you plan to take the MCAT on a different date than the one you planned earlier, it is important to notify AMCAS immediately.

Through this discussion, you can know more about the process.

How to apply for AMCAS Application?

AMCAS application

There are several segments that you have to fill up with the AMCAS application. Sign in to your AMCAS site using your login information.

  1. Section one is identifying details and information about the candidate.
  2. Segment two will involve complete information on the schools attended by the person.
  3. Section 3 is all about filling up the biographical information.
  4. Talk more about your course work in segment 4.
  5. Your work experience, extra co-curricular activities, and awards obtained can be included in this segment.
  6. Segment 6 will have your letter of evaluation and 7 will speak about different medical schools you wish to apply into.
  7. Section 8 and 9 are about essays and standardized tests.
  8. Finally, after filling up every detail to the best of your knowledge, submit the application form.

What are AMCAS Application Requirements?

  1. AMCAS can ask you to enter all your college courses works. From the transcripts enter all the relevant information into the AMCAS online form.
  2. Calculation of your GPA is done for Biology, Physics, Maths, and Chemistry separately.
  3. Applicants require to submit an online transcript from every educational level attended by the student post the secondary level.
  4. Adding your co-curricular activities is also a must in the given section.
  5. One needs to be a US citizen.
  6. AMCAS applicants have to be beyond 18 years of age and above.

How to check AMCAS application status?

Login to your AMCAS page and then briskly go through the below steps.

  1. Visit the main menu from the AMCAS page.
  2. Go  to the View Application status history
  3. Here you can find your application status clearly marked out.


How long does AMCAS Application Take?

AMCAS takes almost six weeks to complete the application process. Typically even filling up the AMCAS application form can take more than 4 hours for an individual to complete.

When does the AMCAS application open?

Every year AMCAS application opens in May 2021.

AMCAS application deadline?

The application deadline for AMCAS is 15th October 2021.

When should you submit your AMCAS application?

It’s best to submit the AMCAS application as early as possible. Some medical schools require the CASPer score apart from the regular submission of essays.


Applicants must start filling the AMCAS application as soon as the dates for application are broadcast. There is a lot of stuff you need to collect before filling up the AMCAS applications.

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