How to Alpha Plan App Download [2022]? Register Application Now

What is alpha plan app?

Alpha Plan is an online earning app that offers different type of earning opportunities and tools. You will need to perform some simple tasks with the app like ordering machines and in return of that you can earn commissions. But as per experts, the app is poorly designed and executed, has less features, and plenty of bad reviews.

There are no official contact details available and there is no information about the founder. Furthermore, there is no registration details to be found and no work details. The certificates and proofs in the app are fake and the Alpha Plan app lacks active social media handles.

The was registered on July 21, 2021. It offers too good to be true plans to earn money which evidently shows that the people behind it are fraudsters.

Thousands f people have been cheated earlier in other mobile app scams and frauds such as the Sun Factory App, Power bank App, ACEbest App, and Electric Creation App.

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How to earn money from alpha plan app?

Alpha Plan App Download

As per the app, you have to order machines and tools on which you can earn handsome commissions.

How to Withdraw Money?

There is no clear information on this in the app. The app offers unbelievable plans and schemes. Once users begin referring them for products and earn money, they close the app and take all the money earned by people.

How to Register?

There are no registration details found on this app.

How to alpha plan login?

Since there is no registration, so there is no login process.

How to alpha plan app download?

You can download the app at your own risk from this site

Is alpha plan real or fake?

The Alpha plan app seems to be fake and isn’t a legit app. It offers to good to be true deals which proves that it is to fraud and cheat people.


The app is not safe and genuine. It has hundreds of complaints registered in its name and users are advised to use the app at their own risk.


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