How to get QR code for Vaccine in Alberta? Save, Print QR Code

What is Alberta QR Code?

In Alberta, the QR code was implemented as a mandatory way of confirming Covid vaccinations. Starting 15th November 2021, the QR code has become the only way to confirm your Covid vaccination. Once you have the records, you can either save them on your Apple device or directly on your website.

Alternatively, you can also take a printout or save it as a PDF document on your phone.

Additionally, now there is also an app that allows saving the vaccine details on your device.

How to get QR code for Covid vaccine in Alberta?

Alberta QR Code

The QR code can be found suitably from the site. The site does not require any registration or affiliations to provide the COVID vaccination records.

How does Alberta QR code work?

When you download your Covid QR code, it will display your vaccination results without the slightest delay. It gives safe access to your vaccination reports.

  1. Once you have downloaded the QR code from the site, you must save it.
  2. To save it, you can either download it in PDF format or take a screenshot of it.
  3. Now save it in the Apple wallet to show it anywhere required.
  4. You can also save it at
  5. Fill a form to obtain the QR code.
  6. Long press on your QR code and choose Open in Health.
  7. Next, choose the option of add to wallet and health.

Does Alberta have a QR code for vaccines?

Yes, Alberta has a provision to process a QR code for vaccines for all its citizens who have taken one or two doses of the vaccine.

How to save Alberta QR code to phone

You can easily try to save the QR code in three ways.

  1. Keep a PDF copy of the record on your phone.
  2. Take a screenshot of the QR code on your device.
  3. Add your vaccine record to a wallet that helps with the process like the Apple wallet.
  4. Your device must be updated to iOS 15.1 or later versions.
  5. Go to the option, Add to Wallet and Health.
  6. The record will get added to your wallet.
  7. Once added it will show the vaccination record added.
  8. To see your vaccination card, choose your red vaccination card tab.

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How to print Alberta QR code

Once you have downloaded the vaccination report from the above-given website, download a PDF copy of it to your phone.

  1. Connect your device to a printer.
  2. Click on your downloaded PDF file and then choose the print option.
  3. Once the command is given, you can take a printout of it.

How to add Alberta QR code to phone

To save the QR code to your Android phone, this is the way you should use it.

  1. First, download your QR code on your phone.
  2. Next, add it to your Google Pay. To add the card, you need to click on add a card option.
  3. Choose the Loyalty card option, further, search for the Alberta Health Services.
  4. Scan the QR code from a PFD printout or another device using the cam scanner or your device’s camera.

When will Alberta QR code be available?

It is already available, but going forth from 15th November 2021, the QR code is the only way to verify your COVID vaccination process.


Here’s a bit about the QR code and if you are right now living there, then starting from your gym to your grocery store visits will require the vaccination QR code verification. If you are confused about it, quickly read it from here.

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