How to use Alberta Covid QR code Scanner app?

What is Alberta Covid QR code app?

For Albertans, Canada has launched an app that can verify their COVID vaccination status. It is known as the AB Covid record verifier. Whenever a valid QR code is scanned a green checkmark is reached. It works like the vaccination cards with QR codes and now the vaccination details come up in the app. Health Minister Jason Copping informed that almost 8 lakh people had already accessed their COVID vaccination report by now.

On 15th November, the app will be the only vaccination proof acceptable across Canada. The app can scan the QR code from any printed or medium and electronic mediums.

How to download Alberta Covid QR Code Scanner App?

Alberta Covid QR code app

The Alberta QR code download is possible from the Apple AppStore and the Google Playstore for iOS and Android devices.

How to install Alberta Covid QR code app for android?

Since the Alberta Covid QR code app is present in Google Playstore and Apple AppStore, hence they will be auto-installed as soon as they are installed in the device.

How to use Alberta QR code?

  • The Alberta QR code can be directly obtained from the website.
  • Once your QR code is generated, it can be scanned by the AB Covid Records Verifier.
  • The app can be used by businesses and other establishments that need to allow entry to people.
  • Once the QR code scanner is opened, it will show your name, birth date, and vaccination status on the screen.

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The Alberta QR code is convenient than any other way as it is a friendlier and completely contactless means of information transfer.

This blog helps develop a basic idea about the app. People are expected to preserve the app until almost the first quarter of 2022 as was announced by the Health Department. Though the numbers are declining as per the Ministry there is still an air of uncertainty. While the fourth wave is less damaging and death, as well as infection rates, is on the decline, yet, keeping records is important for the population.

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