How to Install Al Hosn App? [Steps to Use UAE Covid Tracking app]

AL HOSN is the app Launched by UAE authorities. The app helps people in tracking the COVID 19 +ve patients. The app is officially released by the UAE authorities.

Explore the whole article to know more about the Al Hosn app, like how to use, How it works, features, and more.


The app requires the Android version more than 5.0. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

The iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users require version 11.0 or later.

App NameAl Hosn
SizeVaries With Device
Ratings3.0 stars
Android Required5.0 and Up

The app is meant to stop the spread of coronavirus in the Country. By using this app you can keep your family and loved ones safe.

How to Use Al Hosn App?

The app is simple to use. Start with the following simple steps.

Step1:- Download app from download links below.


Step2:- Enter your Emirates ID and Phone Number.

Step3:- Click on the “Authenticate” button.

Step4:- Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and allow push notifications.

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  • The app will alert you whenever you come nearby to corona +ve Patient having the AlHosn UAE App.
  • You can receive your COVID 19 results directly in the app in the form of a unique QR code. The test will be proof of your result and will help you to safely interact with others who have the app.
uae coronavirus tracking app
  • The app will help you to trace people who came in contact with covid19 +ve patients.

How to Al Hosn App Download?

For Android Users:- You can download the app directly from the google play store.

For iOS Users:- You can download the app from the Apple app store.

How Does Al Hosn Works?

The app tracks the Covid 19 suspected or +ve patients by using your Phone’s Bluetooth.

It can only track the persons having the same app and whose Bluetooth is On. So make sure your Bluetooth is on all the time.

Note:- If the app is not working then follow these methods.

What will happen if I accidentally come in contact with the COVID 19 +ve Patient? 

uae coronavirus tracking app

When you come around the COVID +ve person having the app, the Bluetooth signals of both the phones exchanges their Anonymized IDs.

Then these IDs get stored in your mobile phone in encrypted form.

Using these IDs health authorities will identify your identity and will contact or reach you.

If you have any queries related to AL HOSN App feel free to comment below.

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