Al Hosn App Not Working & Not Opening Solution

Does Al Hosn App Not Working & Opening properly in your iPhone or Android device then here is the solution for you. The Al Hosn app error has occurred was first seen on the 16th of June. Till then the app is showing errors to its users. It keeps stopping after showing “An error has occurred”. Many Abu Dhabi users have also faced the same issue with the app.

But Don’t worry because the developers are working continuously to fix this issue.

However, you can try some of these tricks to fix the issue. If your issue gets solved by following these steps please tell us in the comments. Also, tell us which method has worked for you.

Al Hosn App Not Working Not Opening Solution What to do

What to do if AL Hosn App not working / Not Opening?

There can be any of these reasons that your app is not working properly & showing “Al Hosn App error has occurred” error.

  1. Entering the wrong user details.
  2. Al Hosn App server is down
  3. The Phone’s storage is full
  4. A lot of apps are running on the device
  5. Expired Internet Connection
  6. The Wifi not working properly
  7. Bluetooth and Notification are off

An error has occurred / Not opening/showing error Solution

  1. Make Sure you are entering the correct Emirates ID and working mobile number.
  2. Maybe the server is down. In that case, the only thing that you can do is wait until the authorities restore the app server.
  3. Check If your phone’s storage is full. Because this will let the Al Hosn app keeps stopping continuously. So, try to clear the storage by uninstalling the unused apps.
  4. If your phone is hanging and apps are not working properly then it may be possible that you have installed a lot of apps on your device. In this case, the app displays an “An Error has occurred” error.
    To solve this, try to uninstall some apps. Now clear the AL Hosn app’s cache and data from the application manager settings.
  5. Make sure your data plan has not expired yet.
  6. Make sure your wifi is working properly.
  7. Make sure you have allowed all the required permissions for the Al Hosn app. If you don’t allow Bluetooth and Notifications access to the app then your app would not work properly.

If all of these don’t work then reinstall the app into your device. Now open the app after installation. Don’t close the app. Wait for some time at least for 5 to 10 minutes. The app will start working properly. This has worked for me.

Al Hosn app not working issue in iPhone & Android

  • If the app is not working on iPhone & Android devices then try to reinstall the app on your device.
  • After installation, open the app.
  • Now the app will ask you for some permissions like accessing your Bluetooth and notifications.
  • Allow all the permissions required for the app to run it smoothly.
  • I hope this will solve your problem. Because we know it is mandatory for all Abu Dhabi residents to get the green pass to check in to public places.

Thank You

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